Tell Me a Secret by Ann Everett

Tell Me a Secret

Tell Me a Secret

Tell Me a Secret

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Maggie Fielding has always wanted a loving family. Jace Sloan has one. Maggie believes in hard work and avoiding distractions like Jace. Everything has always come easy for him. Sports, friends, especially girls. When Maggie is asked to tutor Jace in anatomy, they soon discover they each have something the other needs. Written in two parts, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to throw things!

About the Author

Ann EverettAuthor Ann Everett is a Texas girl who loves writing stories with more than just two characters trying to get in bed with each other for 300+ pages! Blending humor and drama, her southern roots shine through each chapter. She lives on a small pond where she writes, bakes, and fights her addiction to Diet Dr. Peppers.

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Wonderful story of Jace and Maggie. Jace is a college jock/man whore who need tutoring. Maggie is his tutor, she is a nurse going for her masters. Jace is somewhat put off that she doesn’t succumb to his charms and has never been turned down. She becomes a challenge to him and although she wants to stop tutoring her he stays one step ahead of her to keep her. This book is told in two parts. Part one is their getting to know each other. Part two is 2 and a half years later. They are married and the stress of trying to get pregnant has strained their marriage to the point of pushing them apart. A bad decision on Jaces part puts him in the wrong place at the wrong time. The accident makes him push her away so she can have the life and children she wants and needs, that he can no longer give her. She sets a plan to get him back, sending him letters every day and slowly wears him down until the thought that he has lost her forever makes him ask her to come back to him. In coming back to him she gives him the greatest gift and they are able to be the family they always wanted to be.


Format: Audible Audio Edition

Just when you think this story is following the usual boy meets girl, girl losses boy, and then they get together again, plot line, there is a twist. Actually, there are a number of twists that will keep reader’s wondering about the character’s futures. The dialogue shifts from chapter to chapter, between Maggie’s perspective and Jace’s, providing an intimate microscope into their internal thoughts, emotions and perceptions. Author Ann Everett did a good job keeping the dialogue and situations real, as well as the couple’s reactions.

As an avid reader, and past reviewer for The New York Journal of Books, I must confess that this is the first audio book I’ve listened to and reviewed. Though it was quite long, the narrator’s voice, Sarah Pavelec, was pleasant and engaging. Her tone for both the male and female characters was spot on, as well as the intonations for specific dialogue and action.

Tell Me a Secret is a good book to take on a long trip, or listen to for a period of time each day. It is a sweet romance that shows opposites can not only be attracted to one another when the pheromones are intense, but may also stay together through misunderstandings, tragedy and jealousy.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Wow, this book was a great read. It told the story of Jace and Maggie. It was told in narrative form, which was different than most romance books. Jace was a popular college football player who was known for both his prowess in sports and with the ladies. He was forced to get a tutor for a class and met Maggie, a nurse getting her Masters, and had no time for love because of work, school, and her mother’s frivolous love life. The book was divided into two parts. The first was Jace’s pursuit of friendship and eventually love for Maggie which was both comical and endearing. They both wanted to deny their feelings for one another, but finally succumb to their desires. The author did a great job building their romance with Jace realizing he can be faithful to the one he loved and Maggie learning to trust Jace that she was the only one for him. The second part was hard to read because of Jace’s 360 degree turn about in his love and relationship with Maggie. I found myself very angry at him and couldn’t believe what he might have done to permanently destroy their lives. I was in awe of Maggie’s faith and belief in their love as she fought hard for their relationship. Jace became lost, but luckily Maggie never gave up on them. Just go read this book, you will run through a gamut of emotions from romance, lust, family, friendship, and enduring love.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

First of all kudos to the author for putting part one and two all into one book instead of prolonging the ending by making a story into a trilogy. I mean I know of some good stories that are broken down into a trilogy, because sometimes the stories are too long to be in just one book. But then there’s some authors that will have a 300 page story split into three books, which could easily be one book to read. I feel like I’m being ripped off paying the price for three when it could’ve been just one book *End Rant*. Sorry, now about this story the beginning didn’t start off that good for me, but it kept me intrigued. The story is about your typical nerdy girl and jock in college being paired up for tutoring to keep the star football player from failing. I figured the cliche would happen, you know like how the jock finally finds a girl he truly loves and they would live happily ever after, no that’s not the ending. This is where part two comes in and makes it interesting. It was a really good read I’m glad I didn’t give up on it. Somethings in the book, that I won’t spoil, really registered with me, because I’ve been in the same situation and the reaction the author wrote in the book was spot on. Good job!


By ReadRun on December 16, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed reading most of this book. I couldn’t put it down so 4 stars but it might have been 3 because I was in turmoil toward the end. The way it was written I really was wishing Jared had become Maggie’s HEA. I ended up not feeling anything for Jace but put off by the time it was revealed regarding the details around the accident. Seemed he still had some tendencies that could have plagued them throughout the marriage if it was not for the results of the accident. This did not endear him to me as a reader. I did really like the letters and the secrets. That was a very sweet touch. I could put more here but don’t want to spoil it for others. I love angst filled, hard fought for romances. This one delivered it for the most part.

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