Syl’s Story: Unfinished Business by L.F. Gillis


Syl's Story Unfinished Business by L F Gillis

Syl’s Story Unfinished Business by L F Gillis


  Syl’s Story: Unfinished Business by L.F. Gillis

Sylvia “Syl” Felix: World-class boxer and partier extraordinaire. But who is she, really? She’s about to find out.
   After suffering a humiliating and life-threatening defeat during her farewell fight, she goes back to her deceased grandfather’s farm to recover.
   Fate intervenes, and Syl runs into her first love and local nightclub owner, Hank Washington, at a local diner. Hank’s been divorced for a few years and thinks he has his life on track. Long-buried feelings resurface on both their parts.
   Syl’s in the house, so let the games begin! And they do. She’s been living in LA, where nothing is real and everything’s for sale. To her, men are as disposable as cheap razors.
   At Hank’s Joint, people drink to celebrate, and they drink to forget. Body’s are swapped like trading cards. And all the fallen angels are sure to come back the following weekend. He wants something more.
   Will Syl and Hank revive the fragile embers of love, or are they merely completing “Unfinished Business”?

   LF Gillis strives to show you a different side of professional boxing–the human side. She tried to get advertising space on Women’s Boxing Archive Network, but was turned down. However, WBAN’s founder and editor-in-chief, Sue “Tiger Lily” Fox did read at least part of the manuscript. She agreed to let Gillis use the letter provided it was shown in its entirety.


I briefly went through the story you wrote.  First off I would like to say, that you are a very talented writer, I was very impressed with how you wrote the fiction story.

This is something that is totally out of the realm of what we cover in the sport—so it would something I would probably not advertise, as I cover the sport that is about real boxers, and what is going on in the sport.

Sue Fox

   In her efforts to make fiction as real as possible, Gillis is constantly researching. After learning about brain trauma and stem cell therapy, she decided to abandon the idea of a single book and turn it into a series. Don’t expect a lot of fancy medical terms, or preachy scenes, Syl and Hank learn for themselves. Book 1 is about retirement and past secrets. Book 2 deals with brain trauma and the depression that goes along with it. Book 3, which is still in the outlining stages, will deal with stem cell therapy. And book 4 will be about a minor character who accepts the risks and tries out for the Olympics.
   Syl’s Story: Unfinished Business will be on sale at amazon, September 1 and 2for 99 cents.



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