Sweet Chaos Part 1 by Miranda J. Fox

Sweet Chaos Part 1 by Miranda J. Fox

Sweet Chaos Part 1

Sweet Chaos Part 1

College life is the best time of life.
Claire is convinced of this when she moves in with her cousin at a neighboring city. At least until she meets two men who couldn’t be any more different, and who turn her life upside down. On the one hand, there’s the big-man-on-campus Taylor, who turns out to be an absolute dream man, and, on the other hand, there’s the aloof womanizer Jason, who drives her crazy with his in-sinuating remarks. And, in the midst of this confusion, Claire has to deal with her chaotic cousin, her studies, a job, and many other problems, as well.

About the author:

My heart belongs to books and love. That’s why I prefer to write love stories and erotic novels with happy endings. I love music, live in Berlin, and like quick-witted and self-confident protagonists.
Already as an adolescent, I wrote short stories and novels. In 2013, I realized my dream and published my first erotic love story “Love and Fire” under the penname Miranda J. Fox (don’t worry; that’s not really my name).
Since then, a large audience has been enjoying my books, and I am always thankful to live my dream and to entertain you with my nonsense. I hope this will continue ;)

When I’m not writing, I use every free minute to read.

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