Survivor: On and off the Streets.

Survivor- On and off the Streets. by L F Gillis

Survivor- On and off the Streets.

Survivor: On and off the Streets.

Fifteen year old Jacorby Jones tries to survive an abusive mother, school bullies, and teachers who have no idea what he goes through. Every evening his mother kicks him and his younger brother out of their apartment so she can entertain her clients.
Tyree is popular and has no trouble finding shelter. Jacorby is awkward and spends most of his nights sleeping on park benches or getting harassed by the police. Neither brother wants anyone finding out about their real homelife.
After being thrown out of his favorite park after a gang war, Jacorby leaves his neighborhood by following Christmas music. He makes friends with a convenience store cashier who ultimately helps him get off the streets.
Survivor: On and off the Streets is about struggling to become better than what you are, faith in yourself, and trusting others. It’s a 27 page novella and sells for 99 cents. Click

About the Author


LF Gillis grew up in a small town in Northern Florida. Having a tendency to stutter, she was introverted and shy, spending much of her time with animals and books.

She attended the local community college while working nights in a factory. There, her love for writing grew.

One day, she was invited into her English professor’s office. The woman pulled out several of her papers and started questioning her life. By the end of the conversation they had discussed future plans, literature, and Gillis’ favorite author, Louis L’Amour.

Finally, the professor handed her one of her short stories and said, “This is your future. Like it or not, you’re a writer. Now go live life, then write about it.”

Gillis went on to marry and raise two kids. She’s been a factory worker, waitress, and store clerk.

author’s page:

At forty-seven years old, she’s finally able to take that professor’s advice. Her debut novel, “Complicated Matters” is set in the fictitious town of Morgansville, Florida. Although she’s written a few articles, she has no plans to write non-fiction.

She writes under the name LF Gillis because when she Googled her own name she discovered close to a hundred women with her names both married and maiden. Talk about being a face in a crowd.

She uses a pseudonym to write comedy and satire. It’s here, she most uses the inspiration from the world around her; a pesky squirrel, a stray dog, even the cray way people act when they get drunk.


By Book lover on February 3, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

LF Gillis has mastered the art of writing the short story writing, and novel-length works with equal skill. This author lifts herself above the average with her thoughtful selection of interesting characters. I am reminded of the great story tellers such as Bryce Courtenay, in that the stories by LF Gillis are about human struggle, and as in the title of this work, survival. The author does not engage in cheap sensationalism to commercialize her books. When I pick up an LF Gillis book, be it a short story, as this one is, or one of the Syl’s Story novels, I know I am in for a treat; I always gain a gimps into an interesting character’s world, a world that I can relate to.

Given time, and if this author continued to resist the commercialism of the mass market of blah-same-same ‘popular’ book genre characters and sticks with these fresh, original stories that show a humanitarian depth to the writing, I honestly believe I’m reading the work of an author who will make their mark on literature.

If you, like me, search for good stories set in the real world, and then give this author a go. I highly recommend Survival: On and Off The Streets as a first dip into the writings of a fabulous story teller, LF Gillis.


By Reggie on February 4, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

An excellent short story; Survivor: On and Off The Streets by author LF Gillis is written with feeling. Well worth reading. I don’t read many short stories, but I’m glad that I chose this one. Five star worthy writing by an author who understands how to tell a good story
Survivor: On and off the Streets.



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