Sunset Boulevard Murders by William Hare

Sunset Boulevard Murders

Sunset Boulevard Murders

Sunset Boulevard Murders

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A Jeff Kelly Mystery (Jeff Kelly Detective Mysteries Book 1)

In the Spring of 1949 Hollywood detective Jeff Kelly is knocked out in the parking lot of one of his local watering holes. Lila Lamont, the beautiful blonde actress he was escorting to her car, is abducted and killed minutes later. The tragic murder sets off shock waves throughout Los Angeles and sends Kelly on a hunt to find her killers. His relentless journey finds him encountering many famous film personalities, including Columbia Studios boss Harry Cohn and detective novel and screenplay scenarist Raymond Chandler. Meanwhile he also meets the beautiful star he has always admired, Rita Hayworth. The major action takes place on and near Sunset Boulevard, one of the world’s most famous and fascinating streets.

Author Bio- America born International writer worked as youngest sports writer from his high school. He is known for his writings in Politics, travel, film noir, mystery, drama, Historical novels.

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Sunset Boulevard Murders is a “good read” detective novel based in the late 1940’s in Los Angeles and Hollywood. What I most like about the book is the contrast between that late 1940’s period and today. Some things are very different, but many are still the same. The book is a good mystery and not a history lesson, but the history comes through as a bonus.

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Format: Kindle Edition

At a time when the folks of Los Angeles are reeling from the brutal death of beautiful brunette would be film actress Elizabeth Short, better known as The Black Dahlia, beautiful blonde film actress Lila Lamont is slain. Detective Jeff Kelly has two good reasons as starters. He was walking the blonde beauty to her car when he was knocked out from behind and the girl was kidnapped and soon killed. The second strong motive for solving the murder fast is that whoever did Lila Lamont in is eager to kill Kelly as well.

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Format: Kindle Edition

I love Hollywood history because the film industry has had so many colorful characters. One of the most interesting was Harry Cohn, head man at Columbia Studios. Movie historian William Hare has pegged the colorful studio boss accurately and along with the actual history he provides and appearances
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