Sunday’s Child by Rosemary Morris

Sunday's Child by Rosemary Morris

Sunday’s Child

Sunday’s Child by Rosemary Morris

Georgianne Whitley’s beloved father and brothers died in the war against Napoleon Bonaparte. While she is grieving for them, she must deal with her unpredictable mother’s sorrow, and her younger sisters’ situation caused by it.

Georgianne’s problems increase when the arrogant, wealthy but elderly Earl of Pennington, proposes marriage to her for the sole purpose of being provided with an heir. At first she is tempted by his proposal, but something is not quite right about him. She rejects him not suspecting it will lead to unwelcome repercussions.

Once, Georgianne had wanted to marry an army officer. Now, she decides never to marry ‘a military man’ for fear he will be killed on the battlefield. However, Georgianne still dreams of a happy marriage before unexpected violence forces her to relinquish the chance to participate in a London Season sponsored by her aunt.

Shocked and in pain, Georgianne goes to the inn where her cousin Sarah’s step-brother, Major Tarrant, is staying, while waiting for the blacksmith to return to the village and shoe his horse. Recently, she has been reacquainted with Tarrant—whom she knew when in the nursery—at the vicarage where Sarah lives with her husband Reverend Stanton.

The war in the Iberian Peninsula is nearly at an end so, after his older brother’s death, Tarrant, who was wounded, returns to England where his father asks him to marry and produce an heir.

To please his father, Tarrant agrees to marry, but due to a personal tragedy he has decided never to father a child.

When Georgianne, arrives at the inn, quixotic Tarrant sympathises with her unhappy situation. Moreover, he is shocked by the unforgivably brutal treatment she has suffered.

Full of admiration for her beauty and courage Tarrant decides to help Georgianne.

Author Bio.

Rosemary Morris was born in Sidcup Kent. As a child, when not making up stories, her head was ‘always in a book.’
While working in a travel agency, Rosemary met her Hindu husband.  He encouraged her to continue her education at Westminster College.  In 1961 Rosemary and her husband, now a barrister, moved to his birthplace, Kenya, where she lived until 1982.  After an attempted coup d’état, she and four of her children lived in an ashram in France.
Back in England, Rosemary wrote historical fiction and joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Historical Novel Society and Watford Writers.
To research, Rosemary reads non-fiction, visits museums and other places of historical interest.
Her bookshelves are so crammed with historical non-fiction, which she uses to research her novels, that if she buys a new book she has to consider getting rid of one.
Rosemary Morris, the author of Monday’s Child, to be published in Spring 2016, Sunday’s Child and False Pretences set in the Regency era, Tangled Love, Far Beyond Rubies and The Captain and The Countess set in Queen Anne Stuart’s reign – 1702-1714.
At the moment, Rosemary is revising a mediaeval novel set in the reign of Edward II of England.

Apart from writing, Rosemary enjoys time with her family, classical Indian literature, reading, vegetarian cooking, growing organic fruit, herbs and vegetables and creative crafts.

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Sunday’s Child April 5, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Sunday’s Child captures your heart from the moment the story begins. With her dashing heroes and beautiful heroines, who refuse to let anything get in the way of their happiness, Rosemary spins a tale of romance and intrigue, set in the Regency Period of England. The descriptions of the clothing are so amazing, you find yourself wishing there were pictures. I would love to see this on the big screen. All of Rosemary’s stories are worthy of being made into movies. They would give Downton Abbey a run for its money. Rumour has it there might be a sequel to this one. Let’s hope. V.Lynne Murray […]
5.0 out of 5 stars A lovely Regency Romance January 30, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Sunday’s Child is a historical romance set during the Regency period in England. The novel is comfortable to read, filled with believable characters whose lives become complicated through no fault of their own, even though they must confront and overcome their own adversities. Georgianne is a courageous, spirited heroine who holds to her convictions in order to preserve what matters most to her. Conformity is definitely not one of her qualities, which makes for a well-rounded, interesting heroine. At the same time, Major Rupert Tarrant is steadfast, honorable, and utterly romantic. The mutual need for these characters to marry is what slowly binds them together.This is another refreshing romance by author Rosemary Morris – easy to read, sweet, and nicely old-fashioned. Excellent writing with clever dialogue are present throughout, as is a compelling storyline. For anyone who loves romances set in the Regency era, this is definitely a lovely novel to settle down with at the end of a hectic day.



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