Successful Surrogacy by Susan MZ Fuller

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An Intended Parents’ Guide to a Rewarding Relationship with Their Surrogate Mother

Succeeding at Surrogacy: An Intended Parents’ Guide to a Rewarding Relationship With Their Surrogate Mother is the only book of its kind in the world of infertility resources. It provides intended parents a first-hand look at the gestational surrogacy process from start to
finish from a surrogate mother’s perspective and addresses their concerns and questions every step of the way. Written by Susan MZ Fuller, a seven-time gestational surrogate mother for six different couples, Succeeding at Surrogacy is an essential resource for couples who are considering or currently using a surrogate mother to build their families.

About the Author

Susan MZ FullerSusan Fuller is a seven-time gestational surrogate mother who has delivered nine surrogate children over the course of twelve years. Her surrogacy experiences include two sets of twins, miscarriage, stillbirth, homebirth, waterbirth, and two cesarean sections. Her

relationships with her intended parents have ranged from a distantly cool “business transaction” to intimately close and rewarding, and everything in between. After repeatedly being asked for advice on surrogacy and realizing that there were limited resources available for couples who need to use a surrogate, she decided to write a resource-rich guide to gestational surrogacy, focusing on the relationship between intended parents and their surrogate mother. She draws on 13 years of experience with five different sets of intended parents to compile a candid and heartfelt look at the surrogacy process as it unfolds over the course of a year and beyond. She is the homeschooling mother of three and writes about her experiences at

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Format: Kindle Edition

I *really* wish Susan had written this book 10 years ago when I was first starting my own surrogacy journey (as an IF)! My partner and I worked independently with a Traditional Surrogate (TS) but most, if not all, of the advice/guidance that Susan provides in her book is applicable to both kinds of surrogacies. Anyone considering surrogacy should definitely read this book. Susan brings a wealth of personal experience and knowledge to the subject matter and provides wonderful insights into this [mostly] rewarding process.


Format: Kindle Edition

Successful Surrogacy gives the reader the information they are urgently desiring. Eight years ago, I was the Intended Parent. I wanted all the information I could get my hands on regarding gestational carriers and the whole surrogacy process, but most of the information I received came from either our reproductive attorney or our IVF clinic. This book is incredibly informative and will answer your questions from beginning of the process to birth. It even discusses life after the baby. This book has it all! The journal asks you to think about possible situations that could arise and how you or your partner might feel about them. As an Intended Parent all you can think about is having a baby in your arms, but believe me, there are issues that might arise and being prepared (as much as you can be) will help you and the gestational carrier feel more relaxed and comfortable to be able to talk to one another. I would recommend this book not only to Intended Parents, but also to any woman thinking about becoming a surrogate. I had an amazing experience as an Intended Parent. And, I believe that that was mostly due to the nature of the relationship between myself and our Gestational Carrier. So happy to see a book like this for future Intended Parents!!!!!!


Format: Kindle Edition

If you’re even looking at this title, you’re in a world so few people can relate to. That’s why Susan’s book is so helpful. Society is much more aware of the surrogacy option for couples in the last decade or so. But mainstreaming of awareness and an increase in players in a niche service doesn’t equal understanding what it all truly entails. Every intended parent knows what we want, a child. (Full disclosure-My wife and I have a beautiful 8 year old Susan carried.) But once a couple decides to explore the surrogacy route there is no “what to expect… when you’re expecting” map for the real nitty gritty of the GC process and emotions that come with it until now. Susan’s detailed book shines a much deserved light on what goes on in the mind and heart of at least one very successful GC. And Susan shares some warning signs in the process you probably wouldn’t think about when you begin. Now intended parents have a map to aid in managing expectations of the IP/GC from the start of their surrogacy journey. And as Susan points out every journey is unique, but so is the hope that the joyful feelings at childbirth last a lifetime for all parties involved.

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