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Success Is Your Birthright God’s Success

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The biblical Joseph Story is the basis for this expedition. Never before has this story been told with such passion and conviction. Those familiar and unfamiliar with this story come away with a profound perspective. Joseph becomes more than a biblical personality. The author cleverly brings him to life by paralleling our experiences with Joseph’s personal roller coaster. We, then, associate him with ourselves.
As Joseph’s biography unfolds, his difficult moments become very apparent. His character stands up and out, during those moments, instilling uncompromising hope. Within the storyline, there are several, simultaneous threads weaving this tapestry – success, coping with life’s roller coaster, God, humanity, and religion.
Society focuses on success’ smallest facet, materialism. Tucker broadens our concept of success. Success, here, is an inclusive, selfless attitude that celebrates common everyday feats of courage, love, common kindness, respect, and perseverance. Its linchpin is God.
God’s desire for relationship with us is profound. Relationship is measured by His standard of morality, right, and responsibility. Relationship with God hinges on loving Him, and “love thy neighbor as thyself.” To love yourself is to love and serve others. There lies our humanity.
God’s success is central to relationship, not religion. Tucker offers a compelling revelation on this sensitive topic. This text lays that foundation by distinguishing between the Christian and believer. “The Christian focuses on the religion; the believer focuses on relationship. Simply, the difference is, the former is a concept; the latter is a commitment.”
Success Is Your Birthright: God’s Success is a captivating appraisal, making it hard to put down. We discover life’s beauty and the confidence to bounce back from life’s unpredictable moments.


y Lynn Dove on October 18, 2014

Format: Paperback

Success is Your Birthright is a compelling book that uses the biblical account of Joseph to take the reader on a spiritual journey to discover that “success” should not be focused on monetary gain, or personal accolades but in having a relationship with God.

Although Tucker’s book is not necessarily unique in its overall message, I was drawn into the re-telling of the Joseph story and gained new insights and revelations about the account through Tucker’s book. Focusing on the emotional ups and downs that every person experiences, where we ride a roller coaster at times from days of want to days of plenty and asking the “whys” when life is not what we expected, this book celebrates everyday heroes who struggle, persevere, and thrive in the middle of hardship. Joseph’s story is a wonderful example of that.

Tucker also relates the personal story of one woman’s battle with breast cancer. It is a poignant account that I immediately related to as I had battled the disease myself in 2001 so I was able to empathize with her personal struggle and applaud her story.

A fast read, I recommend the book and think it would lend well to a Bible Study or small group study.


Format: Hardcover

There is just so much to this book. It is hard to pick out certain topics to write a review about. The writing style simply flows from one topic to another, effortlessly, it seems. It is written in a conversational style that even the newest of Christians can understand.

R. Stanton Tucker is quick to write that success is not always what we think it is. It is not materialism-based. Success is having what God wants you to have–not you want to have.

Throughout the book, there are examples of what people do to mess up their success. Of course, the first step to this type of success is putting God first.

This concept is explained using the story of Joseph. He weaves the story of Joseph in and out of the book, a self-help book, and it just works. It is not at all awkward, as one may predict.

This would make a great Bible study.


Format: Kindle Edition

Success Is Your Birthright (God’s Success) by R. Stanton Tucker is the first book I have read by this amazing and most talented writer. He brings a book that is not just inspiring to read but one that will leave an imprint upon his readers forever. Success is a loose term that can be described by both indivduals and society in different ways. Yet, this beautifully told guide leads readers onto a journey in exploring what really matters and what they are doing now versus what they should be doing with their lives. Success is defined as not letting life’s many curves balls throw us off from achieving our dreams. That meaning we should try our very best to be the best we can be. If we can do that then no matter what, we will be successful and successful in God’s eyes too. This is not a bibical guide telling you to give up your sins and pray but it does have some very wise sayings from the Bible throughout to lure reader’s into a long moment of wondering what they are doing and what they will do next. Each chapter is realistically well-written in a way that allows readers to follow a self-journey of hope, love, and a confidence that they would not normally find. R. Stanton Tucker’s book takes not only our minds but our hearts and very souls deep into this rollercoaster ride that will keep readers coming back from time to time. I have found this to be a great read, and I highly recommend it to all.



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