Subscribing to Beezeebooks

By P. Rose

By Amelie Rose

By Amelie Rose

By Amelie Rose

Subscribing to Beezeebooks

Here at Beezeebooks we have two subscription forms on most pages of this site. The top one is for lovers of reading and all things to do with books, the lower one is for authors who wish to have their book/s loaded onto the web site.


The benefits of  subscribing to Beezeebooks?

Beezeebooks is one of the only true free sites for both authors and readers and can be unsubscribed from at any time. Once subscribed you will not be inundated with countless e-mails jamming up your in-box. Generally you will receive one e-mail each seven days, which  will contain one or two free short stories from our authors plus you will receive an additional e-mail  with the week free and discounted books books from our authors for you to download to your reading device . Plus we will run gift competitions  from time to time.

We look forward to you joining the Bee Zee Club.


For a self-published author to have any chance of selling books they need, luck, marketing  and some promotional assistance. Upon signing up, authors receive a series of e-mails giving tips, ideas and does and don'ts for marketing their books.

The author is also given the opportunity to join the 'A' team, a group of authors willing to help promote the work of other authors within the 'A' team through social media. With a collective force of many, our authors'  books have the opportunity to be seen by tens of thousands of people worldwide. When implementing promotional activities such as free or discounted books, we advertise these on our sites while informing our readers also.

The only paid opportunity for advertising your book on our front page, cost $5 per book per week.

If you wish to join Beezeebooks, please subscribe and start the ball rolling.

Thank you, I look forward to sharing with you.

Mike C. Smith