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Stress Remedy Relief

Stress Remedy Relief

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The author experience came from over 25 years in business, communicating with staff and customers alike. in his book Stress Remedy Relief-a better place to be, he makes it clear that those years were not always a bed of roses. In the early years he tells how stress certainly got to him. it wasn’t till later in his business years he realized  the factor that caused uncontrollable stress, how he allowed small incidents to grow. Once, stress was a normal part of his day, running  from one set of worries to another; constantly fire fighting. But no sooner would one issue be resolved than another would take its place. Home life suffered because as he says I couldn’t leave the problems at work, I’d bring them right along home with me. Many face that same problem today, the author realized he had to do something about it, he studied all manner of things including meditation, reading countless books on the subject, one quote grab his attention:  Proverbs 12: 25 ‘An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. The book tell how the foods you eat can affect your mood and your ability to handle your day and it’s problems, and the health risk of heart attacks and strokes when stress gets the better of you. It’s a short booklet that I found pack with useful advice and worth far more than the asking price

Book Description

I guess today’s world is not that much different  from that of ten or twenty years ago, as I remember it ‘stress’ was whenever you were under pressure or things were going wrong, it got stressful. That was back when I did not know better, since then I learnt the secrets of controlling my stress level. It’s a secret simply because it was something you did not know before. Now today, I can create stress, if I choose (that’s when you’re not being very nice and want people to jump to your call.) For the most part I control my stress, how I do that is a matter of choice. It’s an attitude of mind, you choose to let a problem run wild or you choose to control the situation. Okay that simple and we wish it was that simple, but how much is under your control and how much do you not have any control over is the point with stress, related issues. We know that good planning, setting daily tasks and good maintenance of the people or things you work with all helps in controlling these issues and reducing your stress  to a manageable level, simply because these are things you can have control over. Many problems of course are beyond your control you can’t control acts of war, earthquakes, massive floods, sickness, hurricane or accidents outside of your sphere. It’s estimated that between 80-90% of most situations we do in fact have some control over and it’s these that we can also control our stress levels. Click HERE to see this book on and HERE for

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
4.0 out of 5 stars Worth a read if you feel stressed! July 17, 2013
By Chris
Over stressed need help ? Then look no further then this latest e-book from Mike C Smith I found it really worthwhile, full of useful suggestion and ideas on coping with stress, it has the right name Stress Remedy Relief. I did get relief from the remedies suggested here.

About the author

During my 25 years in business employing staff and dealing with all types of customers, I had my share of stress, sometime I handled it well and others times I let it get the better of me. It wasn’t until the last few years that I took time out to study stress and the effects it has on the human body. I later came to grips with how to over come the negative aspects of stress and how to live a stress less lifestyle.

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