Stop Smoking by Rock Bankole

Stop Smoking by  Rock Bankole

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

The 7 Easy Ways to Stop Smoking Fast

This book by Rock Bankole is a guide on how to stop smoking the easy way. It includes important information about smoking, its benefits for the body, the steps on giving  up smoking, and a lot more.

About the author

Rock Bankole was born in Benin, a small country in West Africa. He left home at the age of 24 and decided to take on an audacious trip to New York City in the United State of America, despite the fact that he hasn’t no family or real friends and couldn’t even understand and speak English. He took a serious interest in personal improvement, and entrepreneurship and enjoys writing and creating materials that will help people improve their life.
He believes that in every single human being, lay a great power that can drive him to achieve spectacular results, if yet uncover. He is a happy father and currently lives in New York City.


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The book is for you
Giving up smoking is not so hard. You have to have the passion for doing it. The book contains seven easy way to avoid smoking. It doesn’t matter if you are used to smoking in a long time, or you are badly addicted to smoking. The matter is that your desire to stop it. The primary asset is that smoking doesn’t make any sense.
In the book, you also find the different types of tobacco products, the tips to quit smoking, benefits of quitting, avoiding common smoking triggers and medications therapies for giving up smoking.


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This is such an informative book that has discussed a sensible topic in a very detailed way. This book contains the 7 Easy Ways to Stop Smoking Fast! I am sure that anyone who will be reading this will get some ideas and wise tips on how he/she can stop smoking and be healthier than ever. As the book say, as long as you are motivated and you have the right mindset, you can quit smoking! This is such a very helpful book that must be read by all concerned.


By Arup Chakraborty on June 29, 2015

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Best book ever in quitting smoking, Rock Bankole has made it easier for people to get rid of smoking. I will surely the tips and strategies given in this book and surely it would result positively to me. I have noticed some desired positive changes in me and happy and satisfied. Highly recommended. Thank you!


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This book gives you, in condensed manner, all the cons of smoking, the health benefits, both long and short term you will receive when you quit, and helps change your way of thinking so you can stop smoking and stay away from it all your life.



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