Stella by Elle E. Kay

Stella by Elle E. Kay

Stella by Elle E. Kay

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Christian Romantic Suspense

A few poor choices lead Stella into trouble. After an encounter that leaves her petrified, Stella faces her stark reality. Is God there? Can she find the faith she needs to persevere? Will her family be there if she reaches out to them? Jason is a complication she’d rather not deal with. Can he be trusted? What does he see in her? Should she open her heart after being assaulted?

Something is awry in Stella’s world. She senses that something isn’t right, but ignores her intuition. Is it too late, when she is abducted? Will anyone hear her distressed cries?

Stella is a Christian romantic suspense novel about a young woman struggling to find her faith in the midst of struggle. And then to hold on to that faith when it seems that all hope is lost and the end may be near for her. Stella must face challenges along the way and choose whether to rise above her adversaries or crawl into the mud with them. It deals with the heavy subjects of rape, pregnancy, and kidnapping through a lens of faith and hope.

WOW…..This was such an emotional novel for me to read. Realizing yet again that we always put our faith in other people, when all we have to do is look up, be still and ask for help. Stella makes you want to be a better person.

  • Mariza (Maddie’s Book Reviews)

Stella, written by Elle E. Kay, is a GREAT read! I absolutely love Stella and how her life progresses, ultimately growing her as a young lady, but also closer to The Lord.

  • Bhriv

About the Author

Elle E. KayElle E. Kay lives on a farmette in the Back Mountain region of Pennsylvania. An introvert, she surrounds herself with farm animals rather than people most of the time. But once you break down her initial walls, she can be quite talkative.

When Elle doesn’t have goats jumping on her, she probably has chickens landing on her head. A comical sight to be sure.



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