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Stalking the Dark

Stalking the Dark (Hunting the Dark Lord 3)

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Following a brutal battle that left the sadistic vampire Louis Reynard severely wounded and sent him into hiding, the strikingly beautiful vampire queen Alina and the rest of the d’Argent clan are in New Orleans to celebrate the wedding of one of their own. With Reynard temporarily out of the picture, Alina is free to relax and indulge her deeply passionate nature.

Sam Quill, the bride’s human father, has been widowed and alone for many years and finds himself irresistibly drawn to Alina. While he has no desire to be turned himself, their romantic interlude escalates to a fever pitch, and he’s more than eager to explore the unworldly pleasures Alina promises—pleasures that will take them both to erotic heights neither of them could have imagined.

Lurking in the shadows is Wim, another of Reynard’s evil kind who’s just as dark, just as cruel, and just as hell-bent on destroying the queen and her entire clan. When he launches his attack, it’s Sam who confronts him, but he’s no match for the vampire’s demonic strength. And as Alina helplessly watches Sam’s torment, she’s forced to choose between honoring his wishes and letting him die, or changing him to a creature of the eternal night in order to save the only man who’s ever taken her to the blistering edge of sensual surrender.

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Ann JacobsAnn Jacobs is the author of more than one hundred romance novels, novellas, and short stories, including the Oil Barons series, the Hunting the Dark Lord vampire series, and the Gridiron Lovers series, among others. She lives in Tampa with her own personal hero, her youngest son, a sometimes neglected orchid collection, and four very spoiled and much-loved cats. She loves hearing from readers and tries to meet as many fans as possible at one or more conferences each year. You can read more about Ann at
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Stalking the Dark was a good continuation of this series. Overall, it was consistent with the previous stories. Note: while this book focuses on new characters, I would still recommend reading the other books in the series first because there are spoilers if you haven’t read them already.
It was an interesting story, different from the previous ones in a lot of ways. We finally get to hear Alina’s story and discover what the whole fuss is about. This book is also a lot more sexual than previous stories. Sam is dreamy, but he is also the first male Hero in this series.
Unfortunately, Reynard survives again, despite all efforts to the contrary so I am sure we will have future books, and I look forward to continuing the adventure.
Overall, this is yet another book that I would recommend by Ann Jacobs. Each book in this series builds on the previous one and the world that she paints is lovely and gets better with each new story.


Format: Kindle Edition

I got this ARC copy for an honest book review and I enjoyed reading it very much and so I gave it 4 stars.

The story continues now with the wedding of Stefan d’Argent and Julie Quill. Vampire Queen Alina can now relax and enjoy the wedding celebration since the sadistic evil Vampire Louis Reynard went into hiding since he is badly wounded. In the meantime one of his member’s Wim is keeping an eye on the Queen’s activities. Sam is Julie’s mortal father and when he and the queen Alina met they never planned on falling in love or neither dying when Wim goes after them and he is just as evil Reynard. Will Alina get her happy ending or not? Will the evil Wim succeed with his evilness? To find out get the book to read and plus it totally has hot erotic sex scenes.


Format: Kindle Edition

Alina d’Argent, Vampire Queen to The d’Argent clan is in New Orleans with her clan to celebrate the wedding of Julie Quill and Stefan d’Argent. Sam Quill, Julie’s father and a mortal has been drawn to the beautiful Vampire Queen since the first time they met. Knowing that they can only have this time together they spend their days and nights getting to know each other in and out of bed. Unfortunately one of the Reynard clan Wim, is lurking in the shadows waiting for the right time to strike. Falling in love was not the plan for either Sam or Alina but neither was dying.
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