Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure by Matthew Newnham

Space Ranger Fred

Space Ranger Fred

Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure

Fred Sanders is an ordinary 6 year old boy who just happens to be the youngest Space Ranger in the universe. When his comic book hero, Zando Centauri lands his rocketship in Fred’s garden an out of this world adventure begins.
Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure is a fun children’s book to read to children or for children to read themselves. The quirky and childlike illustrations drawn by Richie Williams help tell the story and let the imagination flow.
Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure has a strong moral message about doing good and is perhaps the first book of its kind that teaches kids how to tie their shoelaces.

About the author

Matt Newnham was born and educated in the UK and now lives and writes in Cape Town, South Africa. Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure is Matt’s first Children’s book and the next two books in the series are due to follow later in 2016. Matt is best known for his article and blog writing where he has earned the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” for his work that always captures the human element of a story or even product.
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My son is almost 5 years old and he is at a stage where he absolutely loves the galaxy, astronauts, and aliens. We spent nearly a week reading this story together around bedtime and he loved it! The writing is easy for him to understand, and the story is engaging. Sometimes, when reading stories as a parent, the story becomes trivial and boring. Not with Fred! I wasn’t able to guess the next sequence of events and my son loved how into the story I was as well.

We especially appreciated the small guessing games. For example, there is a description of an animal and before the answer is given, we were shouting out guesses. Never judge a book by its cover; we even liked the pictures. They are child-like and drawn with easy to identify shapes, which makes it easier for a small mind to create into something more with their imagination.

Overall this book is a great read and definitely worth the amount spent. Even if you have a reader on your hands already, I think they would enjoy the story on their own.


Format: Paperback

“Fred Sanders was almost 7 years old, and the one thing he wanted more than anything in the world was to be an intergalactic space ranger, just like his hero Zando Centauri in his favourite comic book. It was all Fred ever spoke about, thought about and dreamt about, and one day he knew he too, would be saving the universe, one star pulse at a time.” Thus begins an out-of-this-world adventure….

If your child is mesmerized by astronauts, space travel, super heroes and comic books well this book will send him/her to the moon and back.

On a regular Tuesday afternoon just like all the others Fred is sitting in his bedroom with his dog Jupiter looking out the window and finding everything he sees outside boring. He longs for Zando Centauri to come and rescue him from his tedious everyday life and take him off into space for an experience he will never forget.

Wishful thinking right? He is dreaming the impossible dream… again…or is he? Little does he know that something amazing is about to happen and he, Fred Sanders, will accept a space mission, will rise to the occasion and bravely go where no other earth kid has ever gone before accompanied by his comic book champion… Zando Centauri!

Planet Jambori will be saved thanks to Fred’s skill of simply being able to tie his shoelaces. Who would have thought? Hurray for Fred! Dreams can come true!

This book is perfect for kids ages 6-10. It ignites imaginations and inspires kids to follow their dreams. “Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure” is fun to read aloud together or solo by your child. Check it out on Amazon today.

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