Small Changes, Big Results by Scotty Studer

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Small Changes, Big Results

Small Changes, Big Results

About the Author

Scotty StuderScotty Studer is an IT geek by trade, a father of two amazing teenagers, and married to his best friend and soul mate! For the past 18+ years he has grown in a career as an IT professional. He enjoys working in IT, but during most of those years he suffered from poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and no plan for spiritual growth. Numerous times he tried and failed to improve these important aspects of his life. The stress of work, family life, and daily distractions got in the way of making the important but not urgent changes.

Luckily several years ago a friend introduced him to a group of leaders who, starting with their health, made significant changes in many areas of their life. Witnessing these changes created a curiosity in him. He had a desire to figure out how they did it and to implement some of these changes into his life. The reality is at first he failed over and over again to successfully implement these changes. It wasn’t until he decided to try and step (not leap or jump) toward change that the real transformation began. Once he figured out a strategy that worked, his life was truly transformed.

Today Scotty wants to give back by sharing this strategy with others. He believes that every person desires to improve and make time for the important-but-not-urgent activities in their life. They know deep down these changes will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. His goal is to help you implement a new strategy in order to make these changes without disrupting your life!

In Small Changes, Big Results, Scotty Studer shows you how to implement the important-but-not-urgent activities in your life by making small changes. These changes will not require a drastic alteration in your “routine” or require a lot of time to do, but they will provide consistent results!

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With all of the must-do activities in your life today, how can you fit in the activities you want to do? Better yet, what about activities you need to do?

Implementing these new behaviors requires change, and let’s face it, change is hard! It’s a lot easier to quit or, at best, give a half-hearted effort. The problem with taking the easy route is that you don’t feel you’ve accomplished anything, and you rarely see lasting results.

In this practical, actionable book, Scotty Studer shows you how to implement the important-but-not-urgent activities in your life by making small changes. These changes will not require a drastic alteration in your “routine” or require a lot of time to do, but they will provide consistent results!

By using personal life stories and examples from others, he gives you specific changes to implement that are effective, and easy to do!

You will learn how to have:
– An actionable plan to create financial stability
– A closer, personal relationship with God
– Friends complimenting you on how thin and fit you look
– Relationships with your kids growing deeper and more meaningful than ever before

Don’t take the easy, half-hearted route to implement proactive change. Instead, learn how to achieve lasting results by taking small, intentional actions every day in four important areas of your life: faith, relationships, health and finances!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I appreciate the steady, straightforward approach the author takes in this book. The ideas are easy to understand and easy to initiate. The brevity of this book is part of its genius. Even that fact that it’s double-spaced makes it easier to read! I feel overwhelmed enough already, but this book makes me feel like I can overcome life’s challenges one bite size at a time. The breathing exercise, the essential oil, lemon water and Christian radio – there’s a little tip for every part of your life, and all these little things add up.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a fantastic little book that delivers what to promises: Big results with just small habits implemented throughout the day. You don’t have to invest in heavy self-improvement programs or dedicate the next three weeks to heavy mental conditioning. By investing in small stuff but in consistent increments this book shows you how to make progress that counts! This book is well organized, well researched and is really well worth the low price you pay that is less than a latter at Starbucks. A highly recommended read!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Oh my goodness! I was totally thrilled with this little gem of a book! I have to admit I’ve picked up a few books on Amazon here and there that promised to show you how to get “big results”- that really left me disappointed. This book has bite size pieces of advice you can take action on today that will truly produce big results. One of my favorite changes the author recommends is using a Paypal card to earn cash back on purchases without being charged interest (you don’t even have to have money in the paypal account- it comes right out of your regular checking out! Who knew!) If you are looking for some small ways to create big results, this is the book for you!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Small Changes Big Results is a collection of exactly what it says – small changes that can be implemented quickly and easily that can pay off big time later on. All of the “changes” are presented more as suggestions, and there is never pressure to implement more of them than you feel you need or are ready to try. The book is well-organized and well-researched. The combination of research along with the author’s anecdotal experience lends a lot of credibility to these suggestions. The overall tone of the book is encouraging which makes me much more likely to heed the advice. Thank you, Scotty Struder, for your efforts to help so many of us get back on track!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

At first I thought the chapters were too short. As I began to read more and more chapters I occurred to me that the author wasn’t writing the end all book on all the changes that we can, and for me, should make in our lives. He wants us to see the small things we choose to do have an impact on the whole of who we are. He does not come across as preachy, but as one who learned through trial and error what works in his life.

The boook needs to be chewed on one section at a time to appreciate its profound simplicity.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I loved this book. It really hits home on things that can be easily be changed during your day to day life that you may or may not actually think about. I think the title ‘Small Change, Big Results’ is a perfect title for this book. It’s the little changes that can make the biggest impact. I would recommend this book to everyone.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The title says it all! This book is about making small changes that can have life long big time results. The material is presented in a specific, organized way that makes it easy to implement and keeps it from being overwhelming. It was easy to read, well written and encouraging. It has great support material and research to back up the concepts.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

When i started reading this book, I found myself wanting more!! What I love about “Small Changes, Big Results”, is that it really delivers on the title. The changes really are small and doable immediately. All it takes is the reader deciding they want to do them. I’m excited to implement some of these changes personally to get BIG RESULTS! I love how the chapters are efficient and intriguing at the same time. Each chapter is more like a little article on that particular change rather than a drawn out chapter – so Scotty Studer does a great job of really making you see that it is SIMPLE. I highly recommend this book for a great read.




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