Since the Sirens by EE Isherwood

Since the Sirens: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 1

Since the Sirens

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Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 1

Liam Peters was an avid reader of zombie books. He enjoyed following along with the heroes, but never imagined he would find himself in the same situation. In fact, he thought he was more likely to end up a zombie, than a hero. But everything changed the day of the sirens. The zombies came, and he was stuck at his great-grandma’s house. The opportunity to be a hero—save her from the rapidly spreading infection—looked him square in the face.

About the Author

E.E. IsherwoodAuthor’s Bio: EE Isherwood started writing 30 years ago. At the time they were notes for Dungeon’s and Dragons adventures. Now, after a career in IT, Mr. Isherwood has found a new passion writing about Liam, his elderly great-grandmother, and the zombie apocalypse around them. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where his books take place.
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Format: Kindle Edition

What a great story! Not your typical type zombies, but zombies none the less. The characters are excellent, and I found myself pulling for their survival. No bulletproof hero’s here, just realistic normal seeming everyday people. To me that makes for a much more believable story. Highly recommended story to any zombie fan.


Format: Kindle Edition

I hadn’t read a book in years and quickly ripped through this one. Couldn’t put it down. I’m from the St. Louis area and I easily pictured myself with them during their journey. I had been to many of the same places and felt like I was living it, too.

I’m a communications specialist and did notice a few grammatical errors, but they didn’t detract from the story.

Personal opinions/perspectives: it was a bit too churchy for me. But, people would likely latch onto the crutch of religion in a situation like this. And while the lead characters kept their dialogue clean (out of respect for each other or whatever), I would assume the larger community around them would be less than clean with their language. That messed with the realism for me, as a G-rated apocalypse is not likely. 😉

Putting the random $14 dollar words aside (that I had to look up), it was a good book and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the series plays out.

Format: Paperback

I go through one or two books a day so when I tell you this gentleman is one of my new favorite authors that means something. I love the different slant on the zombie concept and he managed to make the teenage characters interesting to a woman who has children a decade older than them. Excellent crossover writing ability as many of the young people in my neighborhood suggested his books to me. As the widow of a sniper and the mother of three veterans I was especially pleased with the way he handled the military and LEO involvement. So many authors make the mistake of making their personalities either flat and cartoonlike or so incredibly flawed they are more likely to belong in a mental ward than in public service. Not here, realistic people with believable reactions. I suspect even our resident bad guy is just caught in the flow of events and doing his best to do what he thinks he has to do. Best of all the hero and his friends showed how commonsense, basic skills and using one’s own specific talents are the ultimate secret weapon.


Format: Kindle Edition

I’ve read my share of stories about super-soldiers, and I find myself looking for something different . I immediately decided to give this book a try when read the synopsis and saw that a very elderly person was a primary character.
I’d been wondering when someone would get around to noticing that a significant portion of the population is old- and a lot of them fought in a war or two . Although our elderly Grandma Marty is not a warrior she’s nobody’s fool . The story line is refreshing and the action never stops.


Format: Kindle Edition

I love the zombie apocalypse genre and have read several serialized epics. While there are story elements common throughout the genre the best artists provide a unique spin that makes a good story great. “Sirens” is well paced with crisp prose perfect for conjuring living images in the minds eye. A cast characters likable, lovable, repulsive, creepy, scary, some you root for, some you love to hate. I had a physical reaction to the loss of Jones, but that’s life and death in the VZ apocalypse.
IMHO E.E. Isherwood is creating something great.(keep it coming E.E.) I especially enjoyed the thread of religiosity vs doubt, the exquisite use of metaphors and the smidgen of supernatural. I can’t wait to see how Victoria cleans up 😉
Isherwood uses ambiguity like a power tool to crank up the fear factor and down to earth pragmatism developing themes and characters. Clear your calendar before you pick this one up.



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