Siam Storm – The Series by Robert A. Webster

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Robert Webster

Siam Storm – The Series: Box Set

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These four hilarious adventures follow the thrilling, but calamitous adventures of three lovable English rogues on holiday and a mad Thai monk.

Siam Storm-A Thailand Adventure

When a small golden box containing dental remains of the Buddha is stolen and its guardian monks murdered; it is the surviving combatant monk Pon’s duty to recover the holy item and avenge his brother monks. Pon leaves his secluded monastery in the Cardamom jungle in search of the man responsible. The pursuit leads him to Pattaya, on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand, where he runs into Spock and Stu. Calamity follows and they all get swept up into a new kind of adventure.
The fun has just begun…

Chalice – Siam Storm 2 – A Cambodian Adventure,

Our hapless heroes go to Cambodia to again recover the sacred Buddha relic. This time they must thwart plans that could change the human race and turn Spock and Stu into fruit based drinkers.

Bimat Siam Storm 3

A kidnap and ransom demand lead the lads into a pursuit through Vietnam as Spock and Stu bumble through yet another adventure in Southeast Asia

PROTECTOR – Siam storm 4 -The Final Adventure

When a descendant of, the Buddha and his injured protector arrive at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, it is Prime Master Pon’s duty to find out who is murdering the descendants. With Spock and Stu as usual getting underfoot, the team have to locate the terror group and stop the killings.

About the author

Robert A Webster is an exciting comedy fiction writer. His unique brand of snarky humour and imaginative storytelling breathe vivid life into his work, which combines comical British characters with exotic Southeast Asian settings. The result is “brilliant” and “unpredictable,” – Kindle review

Originally from Cleethorpes in the UK; this multi-genre writer now lives in Cambodia, where he does bugger all, except lounge on the beach and write entertaining tales and informative Non fictions works. Visit these websites to learn more about Mr. Bone Idle

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