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One fateful night, after being humiliated at a party, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is attacked by a masked assailant with nefarious intentions and tackled to the ground while walking home in the dark. A mysterious black dog appears out of nowhere, saves her in just the nick of time, then disappears just as quickly. No one saw him but Melanie. And the man who attacked her.
Things seem to take a turn for the better. Her best friend Tara is there for, as always. Her long time crush, Jeremy Stevens, defends her against the blonde mean girl that lives to torture her, reveals he has feelings for Melanie and sweeps her into a budding romance. But it isn’t long before her goo fortune once again goes south. She starts receiving threatening messages from her assailant- he will finish what he started. To make matters more complicated, Jeremy isn’t what he seems. He is something more. Something untamed. Forceful. Wild.
The truth about her attacker is almost too much to bear, and Melanie must find the strength to defeat him and end the terror, once and for all.
“What’s with you?” Melanie asked as she slid into the passenger seat.
“What’s with me? What’s with you and Jeremy, is what I want to know.”
“What do you mean?” Melanie asked, pretending ignorance, buckling her seatbelt.
“Mel, he walked you to second period and kissed you!”
“On the forehead,” Melanie interjected.
“Pshht. It was a kiss. Then you too showed up at lunch together practically holding hands…”
“We were not!”
Tara continued without acknowledging the interruption. “and then, he gave you mushy, puppy dog eyes all through lunch…”
“…and don’t think I didn’t notice the knee bumps under the table. Then, he races across the parking lot like Superman or something to rescue you from an oncoming car, and holds you in the classic damsel-in-distress pose for, like, ever. I thought he was going to kiss you and carry you off into the sunset or something. Now spill. Every single detail.”

About the Author

Wendi Wilson Wendi L. Wilson is an avid reader, absorbing books at an alarming rate and reviewing them to the best of her ability. She lives in Temecula, California with her loving husband and two young sons. She is also mother to two cats and a guinea pig, which she documents the lives of on Instagram, as well as a corn snake and a betta named Red Vine.

She originally wrote Shadowed Strength as a teenager living in Milledgeville, Georgia, where her best friend (the inspiration for Tara) read it as quickly as she could get the pages written on a yellow legal tablet. A couple of decades later, after reading the Twilight series and discovering a love of paranormal romance, she reworked the book to include the paranormal aspect and never looked back. Shadowed Strength is her first novel, which was followed up by the sequel, Shadowed Instincts. She is currently working hard to finish the third and final book in the series, Shadowed Ascension.

Twitter Name: @wendilwilson
Facebook Name: Wendi L. Wilson


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I ran across this book in a reading group. The cover and blurb drew me in and I’m so glad I decided to read it. There are tons of books about teenagers who suddenly discover they’re special. Unfortunately, the books themselves aren’t. It’s all on how the characters are portrayed, and this one fits the bill.

The main protagonists is sixteen year-old Melanie. She’s overweight, has a huge inferiority complex, and has been bullied most of her life by Sissy. Even though Sissy is nothing but a mean, spiteful person, she is the epitome of what Melanie wants to look like. It doesn’t help that Melanie also has the hots for Jeremy, someone she’s known must of her life, but he only sees her as a friend. Unfortunately, Sissy has her eye on him too.

One fateful day, at a party, Jeremy strolls in with Sissy on his arm, who proceeds to belittle and bully Melanie. Upset, Mel takes off on foot to go home, in the dark, alone, and along the way, she’s attacked. Someone has had his eye on her for awhile,and now it’s his time to make her his. Her savior is a huge dog Melanie has never seen before. Who is the dark man that assaulted Mel? And why is he still stalking her?

I have to admit, I figured most of the plot out pretty fast, though I was sidetracked at one point. But I didn’t care, as I really fell in love with the characters. I enjoyed the banter between Mel and her best friend, Tara, and caught myself chuckling a few times over their antics. Wendi Wilson did an awesome job portraying the insecurities of a teenager in high school. Even though it’s been 40 years since I graduated high school, she took me right back to all the teenage drama.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed this story, which was both compelling from the plotline point of view, and from messages it delivered to the reader. “Shadowed Strength” tells a story of a young girl coming of age, Melanie, who almost gets raped by an unknown assailant, but luckily is saved by a sudden appearance of a big dog, which helps scare the man away. Her school crush Jeremy swears to protect Melanie, and soon their friendship develops into something more. However, Jeremy has a secret that has to do with the recent events, and from that point I couldn’t help but turn pages faster.
I loved how empowering Melanie’s story was, who, from an insecure and concerned about her body teenager evolved into a strong and independent young woman ready to stand up for herself, when her assailant starts threatening her once again. The paranormal line with shapeshifters was also a brilliant and very refreshing addition to this already great story, which will certainly resonate with many young adult readers. Great read!


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This story captured my attention as soon as I read the prologue. I enjoy YA and I also enjoy paranormal. Oh, and the romance doesn’t hurt either. I think the author did a great job with developing the pot and the characters. I absolutely adored Jeremy and his devotion toward Mel. This book also has suspense to it, and there were sections of the book that were written from the “bad guy’s” POV.

The story develops into trying to catch Mel’s stalker. Jeremy and Mel come up with a plan to find the guy and to finally bring him down. So in a way, it was also an adventure.

I enjoyed Mel becoming more and more confident with herself. It’s a great story for teens and to learn to love yourself. If you’re looking for an entertaining read, I highly recommend this one.


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Right from the start, I loved Wendi’s writing. It’s beautiful but genuine, and the pacing of this story was perfect. It’s so easy to read, and I devoured it in two sittings. I enjoyed all of the characters – Melanie, Jeremy, Ace, and Tara. But Melanie was my favorite. Unlike most heroines, she was flawed and real, emotional and insecure. I found her to be very relatable. The Villian was easy to detest, and I was eager to see him destroyed. The romance scenes were really good, lots of tension building and emotion. Needless to say, I was hooked!
This story is such a unique blend of romance and paranormal suspense worthy of five stars. I’m eager to read more books by Wendi!!!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Angst, first love, suspense, and the paranormal make this debut novel by Wendi Wilson a compelling story. Solid writing makes Shadowed Strength an easy read. Wilson did an exceptional job of crafting protagonist and heroine Melanie Johnson, right down to her inability to be dishonest, which plays out in fabric of the story in interesting ways. The paranormal is introduced in this first installment of the Shadowed series, but the focus is on the relationship between Melanie and her first boyfriend, shapeshifting Jeremy Stevens, also a well-developed character and English teacher, Mr. Hughes.

Wilson utilizes an effective third person narrative to get into the mind of the villain in the story which proved to be chilling and effective. Experiencing Melanie’s evolution, both physical and psychological, was intriguing and a well-paced plot keeps you distracted while these changes take place. Looking forward to more suspense and the paranormal in the second installment, Shadowed Instincts.

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