See No Evil by Vivian Wood

See No Evil by Vivian Wood

See No Evil

See No Evil

Alpha Guardians Book One

Brawny, hot-tempered were-bear Rhys Macaulay has his hands full protecting the city of New Orleans from paranormal peril. He doesn’t have any interest in finding a date, much less discovering his fated mate. Unfortunately for him, curvy blonde Echo is dumped in his lap, and she needs his help. Without Rhys, Echo will fall prey to a new source of evil in the Crescent City. Without Echo, the world just might end.

Fast-paced action, steamy passion, and tender romance come together in See No Evil, the first full book of the Alpha Guardians series.

About the Author

Vivian WoodVivian is an erotic romance writer, and the author of the Red Lodge Bears series, the Werewolf’s Harem Series, and the the Louisiana Shifters Series.

Vivian was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Vivian attended a fantastic women’s college, at which time she studied creative writing. She now lives in New Orleans.

Vivian has been an autodidact from a young age, and to this day she’ll read anything she can get her hands on – back of the cereal box, billboards, whatever. When she’s not reading or writing romantic stories, Vivian likes making drinks from her Trader Vic’s cocktail recipe book, snuggling her badly behaved dog, and going on daytime adventures in and around New Orleans.

Vivian really enjoys her work, and is always excited to see what’s in store next for her beloved characters.

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Format: Kindle Edition

Title: See No Evil
Series: Alpha Guardians
Designation: Book One (Novella, Not a Standalone)
Author: Vivian Wood
Wow! This is my first time reading Vivian Wood’s work but must say, I’m definitely impressed. After reading Evil Abounds, the prequel to this series, I knew this would be an adventure of a lifetime and could hardly wait for the first book. See No Evil is the brilliant continuation of the Alpha Guardians Series and features fierce Scottish werebear warrior Rhys Macaulay and beautiful witch/medium Echo Caballero. The story is filled to the brim with danger, spine-tingling action, suspense and seductive romance. The dialogue has a few editing errors but overall, the story is well done and flows smoothly. I must admit, my favorite element is the characters. I know, the characters are always my favorite part of every story but what can I say? I’m always a sucker for great characters. And these are great! They are captivating, engaging, endearing and sexy as sin. The backstory for each of the three guardians was given in the prequel, so many of our questions have already been answered. However, there are still enough remaining questions to make each subsequent book more than just a little interesting. I, for one, look forward to learning more about our three enigmatic heroes, their mates and their “mistress”.

An evil is brewing in the mysterious city of New Orleans and it brings a dangerous enemy, one so horrendously evil that it will take three courageous heroes plucked from the past to protect the city.Read more ›

By sherill on July 16, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

See No Evil-Book 1 Alpha Guardian Series; is the continuation from Evil Abounds. This series has powerful bear shifters whose primary goal is to protect the city of New Orleans from the evils wreaking havoc in the paranormal, and human world.

This story features Echo, a sexy audacious, beautiful powerful medium who can speak with ghosts; Rhys Macaulay, a strapping, sexy, bear shifter, Scottish Highlander from the 18th century and the leader of the Alpha Guardians.

Pere Mal is a malicious voodoo priest whose main objective is to open the realm of spirits to gain supreme power. To do this he requires three lights. The first light is Echo. The Alpha Guardians must find and protect her from his evil clutches.

The story is filled with amazing impressive and engaging characters, life threatening incidents, powerful magic, camaraderie, superb banter, unbelievable vivid scene descriptions, explosive earth shattering heart-pounding romance, and a surprise ending that will delight you, and leaves you wanting more.

Exciting-enthralling well written read by a gifted author. The imagination behind this story is impressive, and beyond fascinating. I felt like I was watching a movie filled with special effects. Every word held my attention till the end. I loved it, and can’t wait for the next book. In the paranormal world the possibilities are endless, and always fascinating… {I received a romance arc for an honest review}. Without reservations I highly recommend this book, the author, and of course the series.


Format: Kindle Edition

ARC for author

This is the start of the Alpha Guardian books after Rhys, Gabriel and Aeric have been trained up for the last year and have been on many missions.

The book concentrates on Rhys story and are first look at Pere Mal (as introduced in the prequel).

All Pere Mal wants is to get control of The 3 lights so he can control all of the Veil and set all evil and good spirits free to roam and take over.
But to do that he has to find the witch that will lead him there.

Echo has tried to lead a normal and sane life but every week she goes to Le Marche to collect ingredients to make Witch Cloak so she is not overwhelmed with the spirits who speak with her and the amount of power that is shown in her aura. For this one week everything changes when she is almost kidnapped but then is saved by The Alpha Guardians without even knowing it.

Rhys of the Alpha Guardians and his two colleagues have been asked to look into a witch who is in danger and Pere Mal is searching for her.

Will Pere Mal succeed in his search?
What will happen to Echo when she escapes the shop?
What has happen to Rhys?

What more will we learn about the Alpha Guardians?


By Amazon Customer on July 16, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

After reading the prequel for this new series, I was really excited to for the first book and I was not disappointed. The story kept me turning the page and held my attention through out. The little bits and pieces of information regarding the other Alpha Guardians was interesting as they were small but gave me enough to know I will be reading the entire series. As per usual, Vivian Wood has created an interesting world where you are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the story. She is one of the authors I immediately download when a new book comes out. Her characters are diverse and stay true to form, even after becoming a unit.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

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