Securing the Rancher’s Heart

Securing the Rancher's Heart

Securing the Rancher’s Heart

Securing the Rancher’s Heart by Sandra S. Kerns

Marley Jasper can’t deny trouble is knocking on her door any longer when she has to shoot at an intruder. She needs to make her Colorado guest ranch secure before the season’s kick-off barbecue. When she walks in the Master Security office, the last person she expects to see behind the desk is the baseball player she had a crush on in high school. Darn. He looks even better now.

As a gorgeous woman walks through the office door, Chance Dugan smiles thinking his luck for the day has changed. Then she introduces herself. His interest takes a nosedive. He doubts her rancher opinion of dating a farm boy has changed much since high school. Too bad she looks even better than she did then. When she tells him she shot at an intruder, the past is pushed aside by his protective instincts. The problem is those instincts don’t work to protect him.

If you like strong heroines, determined heroes, and a little suspense added to the mix, you’ll love Securing the Rancher’s Heart. Buy it today and help catch the culprit.

About the author

Sandra is the author of four series totaling more than 20 books. While most of her titles are based in Colorado, she occasionally takes a vacation to the Florida coast and has to let her characters visit as well. Her heroes and heroines are completely fictitious, but are inspired by many ‘every-day’ people she meets because she wants characters her readers can relate to. With one son a chef and the other a long-haul truck driver, she has endless inspiration for interesting characters.

Her checklist for conferences has one box. It has to be reader focused. She loves meeting and visiting with readers. If you send her an email, she will definitely get back to you. If you join her mailing list ( she’ll send you a note, give you two free ebooks, and keep you updated on new releases.

Sandra enjoys sewing, traveling with her husband, and playing with their dog Rudy when she’s not writing. Having sent their sons out to create their own lives, she and her husband (along with Rudy) live in the beautiful state of Colorado and enjoy camping and hiking whenever they can.

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I love reading books about ranching and being Colorado is a bonus. One of my favorite things about this book is that the female main character reminds me of the women I grew up around in Northern Colorado – tough, hard working ranchers and farmers. The book is a western romance with enough suspense to keep it interesting, but not so much to make it a dark book. Sandra does a great job of building characters without boring the reader. The story moved at the perfect pace to keep me reading. Definitely ready for a second book in the series.


Securing the Ranger’s Heart (Master’s Security) is a spin-off of the original Masters Series. Sandra Kerns has written a story worthy to follow the Masters, which is my favorite series by her.

The suspense is not as great as the danger which escalate as the story progresses. It is okay that I discovered who the villains were early since it did only increase the intrigue in how the Security firm would discover them too and put a stop to them. The pace is brisk but not rushed keeping the romance and action balance. Speaking of the romance, I loved self-assured, comfortable-in-her-own-skin Marley. If anyone had doubts or lacked confidence it was Chance. A true gentleman and skilled team player with Master’s Security, he was just too cute in his shy but protective manner. They deserved to find happiness!

I can highly recommend this books to fans of romantic suspense especially those that take place in a rural setting. No Mafia, terrorists or political intrigue just plain old badness to be stopped. Wonderful.

4.5 Stars
The author provided a copy for an honest review.


I was given this book in exchange for a honest review and all I can say is that Sandra Kerns has done it again
In this fast paced story you fall in love with the romance between Chance and Marley. The mystery of who is sabotaging Marley’s business and the original Masters men well bravo loved this story and can’t wait for more!



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