A Second Chance by Christina Paul

A Second Chance by Christina Paul

A Second Chance

A Second Chance by Christina Paul

Journey back to the early 1800’s and join a young widow, an injured man, a kidnapped woman and a cheeky butler as they come together in an adventure of intrigue, mystery, suspense and, of course, romance.

Travel with Graydon and Kathryn from the English countryside to a London ball, all while he struggles to regain his memory and strength sufficiently to rescue his kidnapped niece, and she wonders whether she can risk taking a second chance at love.

About the author

Award winning author of The Bradford Series historical romance novels, Christina Paul, mom of three, is married to her childhood sweetheart and lives with him in Central New Jersey. She loves escaping into the written world of her characters and enjoys watching the stories unfold as she writes, letting it surprise her as it does her readers. Christina is currently working on the next installment in The Bradford Series as well as several unrelated contemporary romance novels.


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The author, Christina Paul, begins this first book in the Bradford series as the widow, Kathryn, visits her husband’s grave. It would have been 20 years today, since her parents arranged her marraige to John, as was often the custom among the English aristocracy in 1785. She was 15, he was 18. Within two years she bears him two sons, after perfunctory unions. She had never experienced being “in love.” Now, leaving the grave, a riderless horse seems to beckon her into a nearby woods. She discovers an unconcious man, bleeding from a bullet wound. She hurries home and summons servants to fetch the stranger, and help Kathryn clean him up and bind his wounds. Kathryn nurses him back to health. Grayson, turns out to be a widower, a Marquis of something or other and an operative in a covert agency, working for the government. Of course, they fall into deep love, although they do not realize it, as yet; this is a romance, after all. The plot thickens as Grayson, their handsome sons and an uncle chase down kidnappers, evil and vengeful men, out to snatch the lovely Anna and spirit her away on a sailing ship. The book has all the ingredients of the genre, with the requisite ball, ladies in magnificent gowns,jewels and fancy hairdos, twirling around the floor with handsome men in black with sparkling white cravets. There are horses, carriages, butlers, cooks, maids, weddings, and ladies in distress. Paul writes well and will do well, indeed, in this popular genre. An entertaining read. At the end of the book, Paul includes a chapter from the next novel in the series. Warning: If you read it, you will be compelled to get “Taking Chances.” Fortunately, it is available on Amazon, on this page.
Lucky for you.
Dorothy May Mercer

By jan raymond on March 6, 2014

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Second Chance is not your run of the mill romance. It is funny, romantic and heartwarming. Set in the 1800’s, you would think that the women would be young, naive and submissive and the men tall, dark and handsome. But Christina Paul’s heroine is full of fire and an entertaining and lively character. And the relationship that grows between Kathryn and Graydon feels so very real.The author has woven a romance with a backdrop of intrigue and suspense. A kidnapped girl, villainous characters and the secret service of the 1800’s! The plot adds to the story rather than takes away from it, and you can’t help but be glued to the book from the word go! I particularly enjoyed the involvement of the entire family in this romance and each character has their own quirky charm. I just realized that Christina has another book about one of the characters in this story. So excited about that as he was one of my favorite characters in this book…can’t wait to read that! A well written and engaging story!

By Bookworm1808 on June 3, 2013

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Beautifully written Georgian Era aristocratic historical romance that tells the tale of Lady Kathryn and Lord Graydon. While visiting her husband’s grave, Lady Kathryn finds a bleeding, unconscious gentleman. Hiding him at her country estate, she nurses the man back to health to learn he was shot while trying to rescue his niece, Anna. When his family comes to claim him, Lady Kathryn becomes involved in a tale of intrigue as she helps them complete their mission. From the countryside to London, they pursue their goal as they decipher all information from dockside “pub chat” to government records to discover Anna’s whereabouts. Along the way, Lady Kathryn falls in love with her handsome Lord Graydon, daring to hope he could someday offer his heart in return.Fast paced read, full of intrigue, with wonderful characters in a lovely historical setting.

By Amazon Customer on February 4, 2014

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I am a big fan of self-assured female characters, and Ms. Paul has delivered. Too many romance novels today are about sex for the sake of sex and too many female protagonists are easy pushovers, fainting at the sight of a handsome man and unable to take care of herself. Not only does Ms. Paul’s protagonist, Kathryn, literally nurse her would-be hunk back to health, she also plays an integral role in solving the mystery of who kidnapped his niece AND in staging the young girl’s rescue. This is a woman who is confident in what she wants and.. ahem… who she wants. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Can’t wait to see where this series goes.
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