Seated Above, Bobby Brown

Seated Above by Bobby Brown

Seated Above

Seated Above, the Journey Continues -The Deep Calls to the Deep.

Are you ready for the deep to call to the deep?  This book will plumb the depths of your soul as it attempts to illuminate and apply the scriptures to your life.

Seated Above, the Journey Continues” contains about 200 poems dealing with life, faith and worship.  It is my hope that you will benefit from these poems and that your faith in God will be strengthened.

Here are a few sample poems from the book:

Oh Fairest Moon

Oh fairest moon
So soft, so bright
The dark of night

Sometimes, just a sliver
Sometimes, half phase
Sometimes full
Surrounded by haze

Oh fairest moon
In yonder sky
Turner of the tides
And yet, so high

Stirring the coyotes
And the wolves to call
Inspiration to the poets
And a mystery to all

Touched by God’s Holy Spirit

I’ve been touched by God’s Holy Spirit
A mystical experience for sure
And that Holy Spirit is not the cause of fanaticism
But rather, He is the cure

So I’ve been quickened, who once was dead
My Spirit, he tends to revive
Church and prayer have become exciting
And the bible seems to now come alive

I’ve been touched by God’s Holy Spirit
Not of works, lest I would boast
I’m now baptized in Christ’s mystical body
And indwelt by the Holy Ghost

And so now I find my spirit refreshed
I’m more contemplative and more still
There’s worship, wonder, praise, and awe
And a desire to do God’s will

The Righteousness of God

Why did Jesus come to earth
Why was He born one destined day
Christ Jesus came to save sinners
And to show us a better way

And He who really knew no sin
Walked upon this earthly sod
So that we, a sinful people
Could become the righteousness of God

And He actually became sin for us
Thought rich, He chose to become poor
So that we, though poor, could have His riches
And enjoy Him, forevermore

The story itself is called “The Good News”
For He solved the problem of sin
And we now are the righteousness of God
For His Holy Spirit now dwells within

An Authentic Life

There are some who live an authentic life
They’re a Living Epistle, a story
They seem to posses a certain charisma
A charm, a warmth, and a glory

They always have a twinkle in their eyes
And almost am other-worldly glow
It’s as if they seem to know something
That you yourself don’t know

Their conversations have a certain depth
As if inspired from above
They seem to bear the image of God
And walk in the Spirit of love

I’d almost call it a mystical heart
For their spirit is so sincere
And in their surrender to the silence
They tend to bring God near

From the author

@BrownSjbrown58   My Amazon authors page

The book moves the reader through peaceful real-life observations, painting pictures only possible through poetry, into deeper scriptural truths. This book will take you on a quiet but inspirational journey.
Bob Brown was born and raised in western Massachusetts and still resides in the city of his birth. He enjoys reading, writing and following sports – especially the NY Yankees. His favorite authors are Robert Frost, CS Lewis, Thomas Merton and Philip Yancey to name a few.

Bob has been writing poetry for over a decade. This is the first of several books to be published. “Seated Above, Looking Below” is available on

I have heard the analogy of the iceberg many times, about how we only use about 1/10th of our deepest self. Most of the iceberg remains hidden deep below.  Listening to God, meditating on His word and writing poetry allows me to tap into the lower regions of the iceberg. When we all tap into the lower part of the iceberg, we enjoy fellowship with one another and our spirituality. So, I invite you to enjoy this book and dive into your own inner depths.



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