Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Science Fiction A Face on Cydonia by Ian Miller While by 2100 everybody knew the Face of Cydonia was simply a battered butte, on a live TV program the battered butte morphed into the Viking image and winked. A great joke, but nobody could have done it. As a consequence of this, two unexplained heat emanations from the butte, and signals originating from the nearby star Epsilon Eridani, the issue of alien life arose. Grigori Timoshenko, Federation Commissioner for Defence and Science, is forced to form a party and settle for once and for all whether there had been alien activity around this butte. The expedition seems doomed, as there are at least three attempts to murder on at least one of the party, which comprises: Fiona Bolton, an expert at sonic imaging and a well-known anti-corporate; Nathan Gill, from Theppot and who owns a registered dome near the Face; Jonathon Munro, a corporate who has been responsible for part-funding the expedition, and who wants to bypass the law and take his Corporation to Mars; and Sharon Galloway, a corporate who has developed the most advanced excavating device known. Each of these has a problem with all of the others, each has some expectation of what they will get from the expedition, and each finds exactly what they do not want to find.
The Archytas Sci-fi

The Archytas  $3.99

Creatura (The Creatura Series Book 1)

Creatura $0.00


 2287 A.D. - After Destruction

2287 A.D.  After Destruction  $0.99

$2.99 on Amazon

Britain Looks to the Future Science fiction

Britain Looks to the Future $0.99

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