Say You’ll Never Love Me by Ann Everett

Say you'll Never Love Me

Say you’ll Never Love Me

Say You’ll Never Love Me

Raynebeaux Starr’s life takes a drastic turn when she becomes caretaker to her niece. Needing guidance in her new role, she walks to a nearby church and mistakes Jared Sloan for the minister.
Jared’s life is a mess. He’s trying to get rid of two women at the same time. When he meets Raynie, he thinks she just needs directions, so he doesn’t correct her when she mistakes him for a preacher. Soon, he’s caught up in the lie and can’t seem to find the right time to confess! But sometimes, all it takes is one little lie to lead you to the truth!

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Ann EverettAnn Everett is a fourth generation Texan. She is a popular speaker at conferences, workshops, businesses, book clubs, and non-profits, where she presents programs on marketing, self-publishing, and the benefits of laughter. She lives on a small pond in Northeast Texas with her husband and two cats.

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Format: Kindle Edition

This book so deserves more than 5 stars! I read it one sitting because this story is so interesting that I just couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t predict what would happen and I like that! ALOT!

Raynie is a loner. No relationship needed. If she wants to hook up then it’s just sex, don’t need any of that love crap! Fairy tales are not real. She’s better off alone. Until her sister and her husband die and she gets left the custody of her 6-year-old niece. A kid? What the heck was her sister thinking? OMG, I loved Raynie! Her free spirit attitude is something I can totally relate too. No matter what curve ball life throws at her, she takes it by the horns and steps up to the plate and deals with it. Raynie finds out about herself while realizing her sister wasn’t perfect. Hard pill to swallow when you realize no one is perfect.

Jared is a dream! Ok, so he may fib just a little but who doesn’t. He was captivated by Raynie immediately and just couldn’t resist getting to know her even more. The closeness these two felt was so great. I loved seeing how everything played out and I screamed a couple times because Jared and Raynie both are so bullheaded! But this is why this book was so great. A couple of people who think they know what they want until life says “Hey I’m in charge, Not you”. Life can mess with the best of us but I believe things happen for a reason. Can you fall in love with certain characters from a story? I sure did. These two and that sweet little girl that really stole my whole heart.

This entire story is exciting and full of emotional highs and lows and some great hot sex. After awhile you realize that in life, we are just along for the ride. Jared and Raynie’s ride is so worth the adventure!


Format: Kindle Edition


I received an ARC from Book Enthusiast Promotions for their 30 Day Indie Challenge.

I originally picked this book because of the slightly taboo insinuation in the synopsis of a bad girl hippy chick and a pastor hooking up. Turns out the synopsis was a wee bit misleading and although I found the beginning of the book a rough start because of my confusion and Jared’s antics, it didn’t take long to fall in love with the main characters. Raynebeaux Starr aka Raynie is quite the character. She’s a woman scarred by her history with men and when we meet her in this book she’s at a loss as to how to become a mother to her niece Silbie who has recently lost both her parents. Jared, after my initial dislike, becomes a stabilizing force for both Raynie and Silbie. I really enjoyed the pace of most of this book. Although the attraction was instant, this was no insta-love book. We got to take the ride along with Raynie and Jared, although it took Raynie a loooong time to get out of her own way. My only real complaint is that although there is a pretty large cast of secondary characters we don’t get to know them very well and there’s not a lot of combined interaction even though so many are tied together in one way or another. I’m already planning on reading Quinn and Dak’s book (Raynie’s friends) and I know Jared’s brother has his own book. I’m also not convinced that Jared’s ex-girlfriend/stalker Beth Ann or the reappearance of his ex-fiancé Julie really added to the book since both story lines were kinda just dropped.


Format: Kindle Edition

I loved this book. I was teary eyed at the start and really wasn’t sure what to expect.
Rayne and Jared, have both been hurt and betrayed in the quest for love. Jared is still on the hunt for his happy ever after, but Rayne shy’s away from commitment.
Rayne Starr (Raynebeaux) is a free spirit, who has had to deal with some major life changes, including becoming the guardian to her young niece. Rayne is a tarot card reader, and after unsuccessful relationships she doesn’t believe in happy ever after.
Jared Sloane was really a character that you want to hate, but couldn’t. He was such a sweet guy, with well meaning intentions. He did make a few questionable decisions early on in the book, that made me wonder if I was really going to like him, but he redeemed himself.
This book is a bit of a slow burn with a great mixture of romance and angst, there were a few twists and turns that i wasn’t expecting that kept me engaged and enthralled. I really enjoyed the secondary characters. Rayne’s mother in particular was quite quirky and fairly humorous. The variety of the characters was interesting and entertaining and had me glued to this story from the very start. I really enjoyed the dual point of view that gave us an insight into both the hero and heroine’s thought process.
I look forward to reading more from this author.


Format: Kindle Edition

Say You’ll Never Love Me is the first book I have read by Ann Everett. This book is written in multiple pov’s. If you don’t like those types of books then this is not one for you. The book did start out a little slow but did pick up the pace.
Raynebeaux Starr or Raynie has moved to now take care of her niece Silbie. Raynie has no clue how to be a mother and learning how to take care of a child and how her sister handled everything is a job in it self. Raynie thinks she should seek help from a someone at the local church. When she pulls in she meets Jarod who she thinks is the associate pastor. Jarod thinks Raynie needs directions and doesn’t correct her. Jarod now feels like she just needs someone to listen to her and maybe guide her.
Every day they meet for lunch and talk. Raynie feels like she can talk to him but she always has dirty thoughts of him. As time goes on she finds out more and more that her sister was unhappy in the marriage and now his parents want to take Silbie away.
This was a good book I just didn’t care for the secondary characters pov, I didn’t feel like they added anything to the story and the author could have used that to tell us more.

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