Roses: The Chase by Daniel Bogogolela

Roses the Chase

Roses the Chase

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It is a 73 page drama/romance ebook/chicklit. about tow young men pursuing a pretty, young woman. their intentions are not known to her but, their friends. they just want to sleep with her but do not any of them to catch her first. don not want her to know what they want to do to her.
each of them is at first, united in pursuit of her. but things become tense after she lets one in. They begin to split as friends and there becomes a group for each of them who would love to see their favourite buddy dating her. the loser, turn to a more ordinary young woman for solace and they are having a fun of his life but, he still can’t keep his mind from thinking about his initial conquest, how he lost her to a not so handsome friend of his. After they pass high school, the one who has won the young woman becomes nothing, as he struggles to find his purpose in life and this, opens the door wide open for the loser to strike. and, he finds and loses her as she no longer befits his scope of a future wife. He now finds himself in love with ROSE, who is a very humble young woman and who is not hooked into pacey lifestyle that had befell his former friend and girlfriend.

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