Rik Stone, author on holiday in Mexico

Rik Stone, author

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The freedom of a holiday for a writer, or should that read lack of freedom?

Just got back from a holiday in Mexico. Well, it has taken me a week to get over the jetlag before putting pen to paper. We were also shattered making the trip out there and just wanted to hit the hay on arrival, but before that was possible we had the rigmarole of changing rooms; the water from the taps was brown and a shower would have had a reverse effect. It took an hour to make the swap happen, but there was free Wi-Fi in the lobby. I spent the time catching up on my social media sites and studying those who passed by, a daily routine as it turned out. But it meant the wait wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Our intention had been to spend the first couple of days unwinding, walking the beach and soaking up the sun, generally doing nothing. This did happen, the weather was glorious, unfortunately the beaches had more seaweed than sand which made the walks somewhat uncomfortable, but hey, I didn’t really believe it would be paradise. Being a keen walker, I wasn’t too disappointed to find there was a stretch of sand that ran about a mile to the left and a quarter mile the other way; we would walk both ways on the mornings and afternoons that we weren’t on excursions, great, five miles daily is okay. The walk to the left, however, wasn’t as easy as it might sound. Half way along the beach we came to a sign; Attention! if you are offended by people in a state of undress, go no further. The first thought was that this was for topless bathers, no big deal, so, on we went.

A middle-aged man was sunbathing on a streamer fifty yards up. He was very brown and I was very curious  to notice he was wearing a strange bathing costume; like the very thick denier stockings you might see on an older woman or one with varicose veins; you know the type. I stared intently and as I got closer little baubles became apparent. My eyes! My eyes! No costume. I’d never considered people would get a tan where bathing trunks should be. Like a cool dude, I turned away, but was quick to check my sunglasses were in place, hoped he hadn’t seen me staring. We carried on and began giggling like a pair of children. And there was more; naked men and women all over the place. I respect their wants, but I must be honest, I can’t remember having enjoyed myself so much. By the time we reached the end of that part of the beach we had reacted to the sights like a pair of ten year olds.

The two weeks passed and my interaction with the true flavor of Mexico wasn’t intense, but I did look into the way the indigenous peoples incorporated the old religions with the new. So much so, that I spent a lot of time in the lobby, on Wi-Fi, investigating what I considered would make a great story when time permits; a novella, maybe more. This is what I meant in the title; you can’t switch off. Which brings me to something else I planned while away and one of the reasons I’m writing this post.

Birth of an Assassin by Rik Stone

Birth of an Assassin by Rik Stone

The audio version of Birth of an Assassin is now available and I have been given a few codes for Audible.com and Audible.co.uk that I am prepared to offer to Mike’s readers. There is no obligation attached, but if you want a copy and after listening you decide to put up a review on Audible, I would be most grateful. You can listen to a few clips at http://rik-stone.com/audio.html If you like the sound of them and want to hear more, just let Mike know, he will tell me and I will send you a code and instructions of how to download the book. Thanks for reading, Rik.



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