Revising Genesis: A New Story of Beginnings by James Quatro

Revising Genesis: A New Story of Beginnings

Revising Genesis

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  A New Story of Beginnings

This book is an exposition of Genesis and a retelling or reinterpretation of the stories in that great book.  The narratives are woven together with analysis of the text and with evidence from other fields.  We will do a critical analysis of our source, make use of the comparative literature, and draw from recent scientific discovery to fill in the details of our beginnings.  What emerges is a new story of beginnings.  This new interpretation of Genesis is supported by biblical and non-biblical sources and by scientific discovery.

One of the confirmations that our new interpretation is correct is the support we have from the sciences including the latest findings in molecular DNA biology.  We have the support of science in our interpretation of the creation story, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, the Flood, the Tower of Babel and our narrative on the life of Abraham.  Most of this scientific matter is presented in the latter part of the book.
Whether you are Gentile, Jew or Arab, Genesis is your Book of Beginnings.  This is the book that tells the story of your people’s beginnings, and what

God promised them, whether Gentile, Jew or Arab.  That is why this new interpretation of Genesis is of import to you.  This book digs deeper into the stories of our beginnings than ever before to reveal new truths and expose what really happened and when.

This book assumes no prior knowledge or expertise; no special terminology is used.  It is meant to be enjoyed by persons of all faiths even if some of the truths uncovered are inconvenient.  It is meant to be enjoyed by persons of no faith that may look to science for their answers about our origins.  This book intends to break down the artificial walls that have been built between Genesis and Science and show they are both telling the same story.

Finally, this book is meant to be enjoyed by anybody who simply enjoys a good read.
This book does assume an open mind.  The new interpretations found herein do not follow the traditional ones provided by orthodoxy.  While anyone can propose new theories, supporting them well is another thing.  You will find these new interpretations are well supported by biblical analysis, non-biblical sources, and by science where applicable.  The trick has been to provide the support required of new ideas without burdening down the story with too many references.  I hope you will find that I have found the right balance.
As you take this journey through Genesis, you will find themes that wind their way through the entire book.  Many of these themes extend beyond the

Book of Genesis through the entire Old Testament and even into the New Testament.  We will follow these themes beyond the Book of Genesis for its relevance for us today.  We discover, as our story unfolds, that the Book of Genesis is a single, unified and coherent story, brilliantly told, contrary to some of the current prevailing theories.

The author teaches the Genesis Series at along with other bible courses.  He is founder of where more on Revising Genesis can be learned.

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