R’etahl and Jurielle by Rebecca Reynolds

R'etahl and Jurielle Book 1 Guardian Appointed

R’etahl and Jurielle

R’etahl and Jurielle Book 1 Guardian Appointed

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Turning 14 means a lot of things for Jurielle Colteron. More freedom, the beginning of dating, a step closer to being an adult , but most importantly, the appointment of an alien guardian. But the excitement of these changes is overshadowed by an unknown threat, dating rivalry, and the responsibility that comes with being at the top.

Author Bio:

I am a young aspiring independent author living in NW Montana with my hubby and three small children. I have published many books, and co-written one, with many more to come.
Twitter Name: @RebeccaJReynold
Facebook Name: Rebecca Reynolds


Format: Kindle Edition

R’etahl and Jurielle takes place in a world where there are two galaxies that were in close proximity to one another, one day for reasons unknown the planets on the outer edges of those galaxies started drifting closer and closer to each other. Everyone lived in fear with scientists predicting that the plants would collide, knocking both out of their spin into destruction. As everyone basically waits to die because scientists have run out of ideas on how to prevent the collision and save humanity,the planets get so close that people can actually see the trees on the other and then stop.
Before anyone can heave a sigh of relief though the planets begin to move again. This time spinning around each other as if in a dance.Life is forever altered as now there are two moons and two suns and one side of the planet is always in night and the other is always in day.One planet has humans, the other aliens.
The world of humans that Rebecca Reynolds created draws you in because it’s so reminiscent of long ago times when wealth and status were everything and being middle class or low class was a fate worse than death.Where girls and women where basically worthless save to learn how to look pretty, marry a suitable wealthy man, run a household and bear an heir.
Equally as captivating is the alien world, as the inhabitants there are either slaves and servants to the humans or raised from birth trained to be guards and protectors to the wealthy humans.
When the children of the rich reach 14 years, they get their own guard called a Druin in a sort of coming of age ceremony.Read more ›


By Maria on April 10, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Basically the book takes place in a world in which planet earth and another planet have been joined together spinning around each other for reasons no one really understands. In this world the humans have it best since the aliens from the other planet are mostly used as slaves.

Jurielle is a fourteen year old girl that is being introduced into age of becoming an adult. Being able to date and take part of other activities. Her father being the one of the most powerful men in the world being in control of the slave business makes sure Jurielle gets the best of the best when it comes to protection.

R’etahl has been trained his entire life for one purpose. To protect Jurielle from the man controlled world they live in. This isn’t your typical romance novel. Honestly I wouldn’t classify it as a romance at the moment since they hardly exchange two words in the entire book since R’etahl isn’t really allowed to talk to Jurielle if it isn’t extremely necessary. But I have to admit I’m growing fond of the series and author’s lovely poetic yet simple style.

I have to admit I love the idea of the two characters not falling in love immediately. It’s refreshing. Normally this is what I mostly complain about in my reviews. Since my number one rule while reviewing books is that I’m aloud to complain about them falling in love too quickly as long as they aren’t soul mates. And I’m referring mostly to werewolf books honestly. There’s also a few exception now and then but you get my point.

Either way I can assure you that if you put the slow relationship aside it’s a book I do recommend whole heartedly. The characters are slowly being developed beautifully so I have my hopes up for this series. I’ve already got the second book and I’m very excited to finish the series. Hopefully the author won’t disappoint me.


Format: Kindle Edition

Great story and characters. I loved the idea and concept behind the story. I fully intend to read more from the series. More than a handful of typos though that did throw me off for a bit. That could easily be remedied with some editing though.


Format: Kindle Edition

An exercise in world building, Reynolds’ story creates a world where human men rule, women serve them, and alien Druins are slaves. Jurielle is the pampered daughter of a business mogul who has been trained all her life to be the perfect doll. R’Etahl is her Druin bodyguard, raised since birth to value her life over his own.
It is unclear what the actual story is in this piece of writing. There are several possibilities raised, though none are developed. This may be the start of a series about the overthrowing of an oppressive, slaving owning, patriarchy. The problem with this is there is no one in the story who has a problem with the way thing are run. However, this storyline is suggested by whispers of a mysterious rebellion. The story may be a romance. Possible romances are between Jurielle and Marcus (the son of her father’s business partner) or Jurielle and R’Etahl, suggested by the title and R’Etahl’s dreams, or a double romance between Jurielle and Marcus and R’Etahl and an unnamed servant whom he interacts with. There are also elements of a suspense novel as Jurielle appears to have picked up a stalker, who seems driven, though vaguely so, to keep her away from Marcus. However, as none of these potential plot lines are developed and none of the problems facing the characters are resolved the reader is left at a loss as to what the story is about.
What does occur is the creation of a fantasy world in which two planets orbit each other. This suggests that the story is an exercise in world building that needs development before it becomes a novella. The flow is choppy and it is a deeply confusing read.

R’etahl and Jurielle Book 1 Guardian Appointed.  Available on Amazon

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