Red Clover by Florence Osmund

Red Clover by  Florence Osmund

Red Clover

Red Clover

The troubled son of a callous father and socialite mother determines his own meaning of success after learning shocking family secrets that cause him to rethink who he is and where heʼs going. In Lee Winekoop’s reinvention of himself he discovers that lifeʾs bitter circumstances can actually give rise to meaningful consequences.

About the author

As an author who likes to help new and aspiring writers get started, Florence developed a website that offers substantial advice on crafting stories, getting self-published, promoting books, and more.

Florence currently resides in downtown Chicago where she is working on her next novel.



5.0 out of 5 stars Finding his own way March 30, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition

This incredible book is very much character based, and Florence Osmund is a brilliant wordsmith, who paints such a rounded picture of each one that the reader feels he is in the book with them.

The central character is Lee Oliver Winekoop, who is undoubtedly moulded by the complex characters within his family. His emotions are beautifully described, and so understandable that a strong empathy is quickly built with the reader.

Lee is a true victim of serious wealth and a clear example of the cliché, money can’t buy you love. His family may be awash with the stuff, but it is no benefit to him as a child, and he is not adept at dealing with it as an adult.

What he really suffers from is a dearth of love, with no real idea of why that should be.

Lee’s journey through life, and the obstacles that it throws at him, is the very essence of this book.

Florence Osmund writes at a perfect pace, and with a very pleasing style, and once you pick up this book, you will find it hard to put down.

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful story March 19, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition

Reflecting back on this book, if I had first heard about it via the blogging community I’m pretty sure I would’ve said it wasn’t for me. However, I spoke to the author directly and I’m so glad I did because it’s a beautiful, moving story that gently absorbs you into the lives of the characters.

Having to endure a life full of criticism and isolation, one would assume Lee, the main character, would be more damaged and unable to cope with adult life. Instead, he is inspiring: generous, helpful and, in the end, wonderfully astute as he negotiates life at its very best . . . and worst.

At times I felt desperately sorry for Lee, wanting to soothe his child-self and move him on to happier times. The characters surrounding him are bittersweet – a few drag him down, whilst other lift him up – and it’s with them that you begin to witness his transition into a man learning to be comfortable in his own skin. It’s an uplifting tale that left me feeling a sense of peace once finished – although I would love (and hope) to see Lee’s story move on even further in a follow-up novel – and I encourage others to read this book and enjoy his journey.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Family Secrets and So Much More May 22, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Red Clover by Florence Osmund is a well-written and interesting story of the childhood and young adult life of Lee Winekoop.

Lee, having a near genius IQ and a condition akin to Asperger’s, as well as many other issues in his wealthy family life make it hard for him to connect to just about everyone. But with perseverance and a hopeful attitude, Lee conquers his feelings of isolation and loneliness and graduates college with a degree in horticulture – much to his father’s dismay.

The story gets very interesting when Lee’s uncle dies and leaves him a sizable inheritance that includes over 600 acres of land in Illinois. The land comes with many bizarre stipulations and Lee must make certain that he follows them to a tee or risk getting the inheritance taken away by the trustee of the estate.

Along the way, Lee grows into a mature young man with a heart of gold and a new found willingness to stand up to his mother, father and other family members as he finds his own way in his own life. He does quite well for himself until the family secrets come out and threaten to derail his stable life.

All families have secrets, some more tragic than others. Red Clover deals with the family secrets in a realistic, heart-warming way that is certain to tug at your heart strings.

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