Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales

Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1 By Dr Gary Webb

Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1

Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales

Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1 is the first of a 3-part series on how to succeed in self-publishing non-fiction books.  It covers selecting the best topics, titles, and techniques as well as how to organize and write your book most effectively.  This book has been #1 in its category most of the times since its release on March 14, 2015.  Dr. Gary Webb is a best-selling author of six other books on a variety of topics.  He’s a US Navy retiree, a former pastor and counselor, as well as his most important roles as a husband and father.  He and his wife Jane now live in Dalton, Georgia.

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Dr. Gary Webb brings his impressive real world credentials to this book… and it shows. Aspiring and experienced authors alike will benefit from his straight talk approach. In this first in a series of three guides, Dr. Webb shares little known tips and techniques he has developed that will help insure a more successful book launch. At the same time, he reveals pitfalls and rookie mistakes that can lead to disappointing results.

It’s evident the author is genuinely interested in the reader’s success….and it shows in this guide. (I’m the author of five books and still learned a lot from it!) This book stands head and shoulders above others I’ve read on the subject. I found it to be a refreshingly honest look at how to create books that will sell year after year. I look forward to reading the other two books in this series.

5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful Advice For Amazon Self-Publishers March 5, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I’ve read hundreds of books on the topic of self-publishing (literally), and have became a rather successful author in my own rights, yet never have I really looked forward so much to seeing the next book in a nonfiction series. It seems as though Gary covered so many topics that are vital to success over the course of this relatively short book, and I am very excited to see what he produces next!

This book is a great resource for anyone who is considering becoming an author, or who has already written a few books and would simply like for the ones they write in the future to perform better. It is the first installment in the “Prepare, Publish, Promote” series, and focuses on the things that you do prior to publishing your book, and hones in on important aspects such as creating an outline, developing an attention-grabbing title, and actually writing your book in a manner that grabs and holds the attention of your readers, while presenting info to them in an organized manner. It touches upon other topics as well, that authors would find useful.

Gary Webb presents information in a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense manner. Not only is the information within the book very useful, but the author goes the extra mile by doing extra things such as highlighting important areas in bold, taking the time to clearly explain all that he recommends and suggestions, and adding useful hyperlinks where necessary – these may seem like rather small things, but they really help the book to flow smoothly and for readers such as myself to take away the maximal amount of value.

The book provides lots of useful information, and drops little tidbits of advice consistently all throughout. For authors, this would be a valuable addition to your library of Kindle books, and I would definitely recommend it!


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Prepare! This is the “first gear” of a three-speed program. The author starts you off on an exciting adventure into the publishing field. It is a step-by-step process directing you to the golden goal of having your name on an Amazon Bestseller!

Did you know that the author is a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author? I already own several of his books. Don’t know where to start? He shows you “how to have an idea” then how to road test that idea to discover if it is a bestselling idea or a loser. That is where most authors fail, because they do not have a plan. Here is your plan. This is an amazing guidebook that covers the pros and cons of the subject.

You learn how to avoid mistakes that will cost you time and money. You wonder what to do next? It’s in the book. The “title of your book” covers a whole section. That’s because the title can make or break your success. You’ll also learn what type of book are you going to create. I discovered that I do “list books” since I am great at writing step-by-step books. See, even as I’m writing this review, I am making a list. This book gets you up to speed and ready to enter phase 2, the publishing stage of the process.

You may think I’ll wait for the next book when the author will move it into second gear. Don’t do that! You need to get a certain amount of knowledge first. This book lays that foundation to keep you moving smoothly toward your bestseller. By skipping first gear – this book – you can strip away your chance of success. By the time you finish the training in this book, the second one will be ready. Prepare, I am 100% for this book; in fact, the whole series, because it will produce a better quality Amazon publication. And it will save you a lot of frustration. Highly Recommended!


Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I was searching a long time for a good book on this topic. This is a well written, structured, quality step-by-step guide that in my opinion is very easy to follow. There are tons of tips and suggestions along the guide that will help you in your Kindle book publishing. The author gives some great ideas of how to research a book idea that will sell, finding a niche and researching keywords. He also gives very good productivity tips that I think will help a lot to writers. I knew a lot of the stuff before reading the book but there were a lot of good new suggestions that I liked.
What I liked a lot:
I found most of the chapters in the book to be very helpful. Some of them are: Desktop Software for Keyword Searches, Website for Ideas, Your Title, Tips for Choosing Your Title, Mind-Mapping, Research Assembling the Raw Material and many more.
For the “Your Title” chapter of the book I found a lot of the guidelines very helpful. I liked the random title generator tool that the author suggests in the book. I see how this can be very helpful for creating a catchy title.
A clever idea that the author shared was the website with the background noises. As he suggests this might help for certain people who love work with background sounds of hustle. If you miss writing your book in Starbucks this might be great way to go.
Overall the resources of this book are very good. The author has built a solid guide with lots of great suggestions to websites that will help you to prepare publish and promote your book. If I find 2-3 new things in a book I consider this to be a good book. If I find 5-10 new things – I think this is worth recommending.



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