Power in Keywords


Power in Keywords  – for use on your website.

The proper use of keywords is critical to the success of an article, a website, a blog or for any written information where you want a larger audience to read, one that will attract search engines such a Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

A general rule of thumb is don’t over use keywords; search engines frown on that action. In any 500 word article between 2-5 keywords is acceptable, always of course make sure that they fit in well with the article, never allow them to  look spammy.

The right Keyword is what attracts search engines which are the lifeline of websites. Here is a list of possible words you could include in your book  articles for your website:

Best selling books, Read books free online, Book marketing, A amazon best selling book, New York Times best selling books, Promote your book,

Books, Romance books, ebook, ebooks, free book, best seller book, book search, Fantasy books, books to read, kids books, Mystery books, best seller,

Free book, Fiction books, Science fiction, Non fiction, Crime fiction, Mystery novels, and Best thriller books.

Only one of these Keywords is highly competitive – it is  Best selling books.
Read books for free online is medium competitive as is Book marketing.
Most of the balance of the above keywords are considered low competition, meaning you won’t have so many visitors as the medium and highly competitive words. These words would cost less if you were buying advertising space on Google or Bing.





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