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My Greatest Challenge by Rebecca Scarberry

As a fairly new author, I feel that I’ve faced all of my biggest challenges except for one. I’m slowly getting over my shyness, but it has taken years. Before I published my first book, Messages from Henry, I was extremely shy. Author, Mike Wells (@MikeWellsAuthor on Twitter) started interviewing readers on his website and he asked me if I’d sign up. It took me months to get brave enough to do this, but I did. After it went live on his website, I was too shy to retweet his kind tweets about it. When Mike told me a near record number of people were reading my interview, I was thrilled and started retweeting. You can read that interview here:

Let me explain why I’m so shy. Ever since I was very young, I was shy, but I came out of it when my mother put me in dance classes (tap, ballet, and gymnastics). My dance instructor thought I was such a good dancer, she told my mother that she should take me to Hollywood for an audition. Therefore, my mom did just that. It was an audition for a part in a movie with a little girl tap dancing. I didn’t get the part, but I was so proud of myself for getting up on stage. My shyness vanished soon after.

Ever since an incident in 7th grade, my shyness returned. The night before I was to give my first oral book report, I asked my mom if I could wear nylons. She didn’t have any pantyhose, but she gave me some stockings and the old fashioned garters that wrap around the tops of stockings. I was very thin and when I got up in front of the class to give my book report, I began to fidget. The stockings rolled down to my knees and everybody started laughing. I ran out of the room and went home crying. Therefore, when I have five people or more around me, I freeze up. I don’t like to be the center of attention. I like to blend in.

I’ve self-published seven books in four different genres and I’ve been asked several times by local librarians to read my illustrated Jumper books to groups of young children. I want to do this in the worst way, but I’m so afraid I’ll freeze up. I have no problem talking to people I’ve never met as long as there aren’t more than five in a group. Twice a week I go to local casinos and talk to people about my books. I know this sounds like an odd place to promote one’s books, but I’ve sold more of my Jumper series out of my vehicle than I’ve ever sold online.

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