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First Born

FIRSTBORN by G.L.Sheridan

buy buttonHow did I come to write my novel, ‘Firstborn’? My novels often start as a single idea – a ‘What if?’ For example, the idea ‘What if Jesus had never existed?’ began a train of thought which led to a complete novel called ‘Short of a Miracle,’ about a priest transported to a parallel world where no-one had heard of Jesus. Short of a Miracle.


Short of a Miracle

Here’s a question – well, a couple, actually: What if Jesus had never existed? What would the world be like? Father Michael O’Neill finds out when he’s miraculously…
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With ‘Firstborn’ it started as a simple idea about someone at a dinner party having a secret. I thought about affairs, or someone being a spy, but then for some reason, the idea that What if one of the men was pregnant? popped into my head.
When I began writing ‘Firstborn’ the characters, emotions and ideas came very quickly, I completed it in about twelve weeks. For me, novels usually take about nine months (they are my babies, after all!) so such rapid progress was unusual – as was the effect when I finished it. I was bereft. Emotionally drained. I could barely speak for several days. The story, the feelings I had about the characters and the effect on little Spencer (the Firstborn of the title) had me wrapped up in a world of my own and it took some effort to drag me back to reality. I enjoy creating the characters in all my books, but for ‘Firstborn’ they really were something special.
Let me tell you a bit about the story, which is about two men, Paul and Francis, dreamily in love, who long for a child of their own. Paul, agrees to have adjustments made to his body so he can become pregnant. All goes well and they have a son, Spencer. But public reaction isn’t always supportive. The church is against male pregnancy for a start, calling it unnatural. The media speaks out against it. Even Francis’ mother finds the idea repugnant. But the real danger comes from a group violently opposed to male pregnancy – and the threat to the lives of Paul, Francis and their firstborn son, Spencer.
Even though I’ve told you a bit about the story behind ‘Firstborn’ it isn’t that which had such an effect on me – it was the love story. Paul and Francis. These two men were so much in love – but what happens to them in the end?  Yes, maybe I’m just an old romantic, but whatever the sex, whatever the gender – it really is love that makes the world go around.

FirstBorn: the story of the first child born from a man

How would you feel if you saw a pregnant man – stubble, hairy hands and everything? Disgusted? Curious? Afraid? Because it isn’t the natural way of things. It blurs…
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