Planet Poultry Where Dreams Come True

Planet Poultry by Angela Gascoigne

Planet Poultry by Angela Gascoigne

Planet Poultry

Where Dreams Come True

I was Born in Newcastle in 1965, and remained there until 2004 when I re-located to West Cork in Ireland with my husband and three sons who are now all grown up. I have two little dogs whom I adore. We had our own business until two years ago, a tattoo and piercing studio. I’m an experienced body piercer, and also a qualified complementary therapist. Since we lost our business due to the recession I have spent all my spare time working on my writing. My first e book, a short story collection was published in 2013. I have a new book due out soon and another collection soon after that.

Planet Poultry Where Dreams Come True was my second e book to be published. It is based in my home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. It’s a gritty story of love, hate and revenge, and dealing with some strong issues which affect many people behind closed doors. There’s also a good hint of humour and heart-warming moments. Stuck in their dead-end jobs in a chicken processing factory, five friends wonder if this is all there is to life. All of them share close bonds, united in their plight.

His spirit crushed daily, Norman lacks the confidence to get his abusive girlfriend out of his life once and for all.

Joyce tolerates severe leg pain every day. Will her wait on the list for surgery ever come to an end? She’s always dreamed of starting her own business, but with no means of paying a hefty business loan it seems her dream is forever out of reach.

Kerry can only stand by while the man she loves is subjected to regular domestic abuse at the hands of his girlfriend. Will he ever stand up to her?

Colin and his parents face eviction from their council house. Despite his best efforts to re-home the beloved pets he’s brought home and nursed back to health, time is running out. The neighbours aren’t as keen on his furry friends as he is.

Tina’s biological clock is ticking fast. Her chances of conceiving a baby are slipping through her fingers.

One day something monumental happens and changes all their lives forever – but in what way?

This book contains some adult themes. Recommended age 18 or over.’

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This book drew me in right from the start as it is so normal and true to everyday life. you can relate to all of the characters and I even felt like I could compare them to some people I really know. Something extraordinary happening to ordinary people makes for a heartwarming read and I laughed, cried and smiled throughout this book. Can’t wait to read the next one from this author.
5.0 out of 5 stars Planet Poultry Angela Gascoigne 9 Aug 2013
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I really enjoyed this book ,down to earth reading and very interesting . this is the second book I have read by ANGELA GASCOIGNE and I look forward to reading many moor .




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