Pink Lemonade Diary by Juliette Hill

Pink Lemonade Diary (Pink Lemonade Memories Book 1

Pink Lemonade Diary (Pink Lemonade Memories Book 1

Pink Lemonade Diary by Juliette Hill

Thirteen year old Vicki Gray thinks she has her summer vacation plans set until her parents break the news to their only child. This unexpected turn of events leads Vicki to spend two weeks with her great aunt, Mary, at her cottage in coastal Georgia. Without her forgotten cell phone, this teen must adjust to a new way of life and embrace the opportunities for adventure, romance and personal growth that are presented to her.

About the author

Juliette Hill is the pseudonym for a creative writer who is passionate about all things vintage, traveling with her husband and exploring family history. She enjoys treasure hunting at local antique markets and estate sales, searching for her next great ‘find’ that will spark her imagination. Her desire to discover the story behind each treasure motivates the writer within.

Juliette’s other interests include planning family gatherings, scrapbooking, cooking, shopping and dining out, to name a few.

Her works, including Pink Lemonade Diary, Christmas Shoppe Magic, The Christmas Spirit of Starlight Cove, and Two Beaux for Christmas involve multi-dimensional characters and generational plots which bridge the gap between the past and present.

Juliette also writes the Captain’s Point romantic women’s fiction series with Annie Acorn, including A Clue for Adrianna and A Man for Susan.

She is a founding member of From Women’s Pens and is currently working on several projects for Annie Acorn Publishing.My

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I finished the new YA book Pink Lemonade Diary … and there is only one word for this book: delightful! These characters are totally likable. We follow the adventures of 13-year-old New York teenager Vicki, who is cell-phone-dependent and can’t imagine having to spend two weeks of her summer vacation with great-aunt Mary.

I like the interplay between Vicki and her vastly older great-aunt, and the symmetries in the relationships between members of the older generation and the younger one. I have a 13-year-old son. Put yourself in a 13-year-old’s brain, and Pink Lemonade Diary hits it just right.

The best part of the book is the deliciously clean writing, whether the dialogue or the interior monologues or the diary entries. I have a feeling Pink Lemonade Diary will make lots of teenagers beg for more stories featuring Vicki from downtown Manhattan.


By JUSTMECRAFTING on January 29, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A lovely story of the way parents used to send their kids down south for the summer. To learn new experiences. It was so cute how her two weeks stay paralleled her mother,s experience when she was a kid. Delightful read for teens or adults.


By Alle Wells on September 13, 2012

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Love and friendship know no boundaries in Juliette Hill’s Pink Lemonade Diary.

Manhattan native, Cassy Gray, remembers the good, old summer days when she drank pink lemonade on Auntie M’s veranda. She and her husband chauffeur their reluctant thirteen-year-old daughter, Vicki, to visit Auntie M on the Georgia coast. Cassy hopes that Vicki will experience the good times there that she did as a young girl. After Vicki’s parents leave, she is horrified to discover that she’s left her cell phone in the backseat of the car. Auntie M gently draws Vicki into her world, and Vicki quickly learns that being at Auntie M’s isn’t so bad after all. The two strike up a special friendship and, together, they explore the excitement of budding romance.

This story will send you back to the simple summer moments that are buried in all of our hearts. The relationship between Vicki and Auntie M shows that love isn’t bound by time and neither is friendship.

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