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A Stepbrother Romance: Book One (Xciting Arrangements Escort Series 1)


Alyssa has always been a straight ‘A’ student. She’s a serious and dutiful daddy’s girl – until her billionaire politician father dies and his financial house of cards collapses. Poised and refined Alyssa is forced to  step into the racy world of high class escorts, to pay for her Princeton education. The last thing she needs is to discover that the mysterious man the other escorts call ‘Boss’ is also her estranged and provocative stepbrother Mace.

Alpha male Mace is a bad boy man of action. An amateur mixed martial arts fighter who is building a multi-million dollar business, he satisfies his sexual needs with casual hook-ups that don’t involve love or commitment. When his sweetly seductive stepsister waltzes into his office looking for a job, Mace is determined to dissuade her from becoming an escort. He personally takes charge of educating her in the ropes of her new trade. Little does he know that he’s about to get some schooling himself.

Alyssa is a college age girl who knows she should steer clear of her scorching hot stepbrother, but the devilish bastard offers some enticing benefits! Mace stirs her erotic and romantic feelings like no other man and she wants more.

Mace is struggling with his own issues of sadness over the loss of his mother and anger toward Alyssa’s father, whom he suspects purposefully killed his mother in a plane crash. He trains and fights in mixed martial arts, to subdue his inner demons and prevent his dead stepfather’s dark secrets from coming to light. Mace needs to learn forgiveness before he’s ready for a serious dating relationship.

Full of humor, this fast-paced romantic and erotic new adult series is peppered with fun and fiery exchanges between the warring sexes.

About the Author

Claire DonovanMy name is Claire Donovan and I’m a Romance Writers of America author in the Raleigh Chapter. I write steamy romances about smart and sexy heroines and the passionate alpha male heroes who ultimately surrender to their irresistible charms. MMA fighters, surfers, and adventurous men of all types make my knees buckle and my head swim. I am a graduate of Indiana University and currently live in North Carolina. I write full-time and enjoy time with my husband, friends, family, my horse, and my two miniature dachshunds.

Twitter : @DonovanRomance/

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Exciting Start to a new Series

By BlueEyes on November 11, 2015

Format: Paperback

Pimp: A Stepbrother Romance: Book One
I really enjoyed the first book in a series by this new Author Claire Donovan. Step Brother Romance stories are all the rage in 2015 and Claire has captured this reader’s attention with her lead character Mace and Alyssa his pre-med student stepsister.
Mace and Alyssa’s parents have recently died in a plane crash, with theories surrounding the event speculating that it was no accident. Alyssa hoped that her Dad’s estate would pay her way through med school but the money is all gone and she is desperate to find a job that pays big money, while she tries to not lose her scholarships.
Mace never liked his Stepfather who seemed to always find faults with him; Mace is now a MMA Fighter and a business owner. He fights his way through his feelings and is taken aback when Alyssa finds herself needing family again.
“The lines of Mace’s face grow hard and his eyes glow with a strange brilliancy, a ferocious joy, like he’s going to enjoy this fight. I notice a quick expansion of his nostrils. He seems thrilled with the opportunity for battle. I can see the hot blood surging up in his veins, taking possession of him.”
“I fight because it wears me out on the days when I’m feeling tense and restless, like today. This crawling sensation comes over me and I know I have to find a fight. There’s something intense and satisfying about punching a complete stranger.”
“I leave the gym to the ring of restless lost souls still needing to earn their freedom from whatever won’t let them rest.”
“I know what I’m thinking. My stepsister is sexy as hell and I have a long sleepless night ahead of me.”
“Sometimes I feel like I’m two different girls, living in one body.
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Format: Paperback

Halfway through this book, I stopped and wondered “why am I reading this.” I wasn’t really into it, it was a slow story initially, and I didn’t get the relationship between the two main characters Alyssa and Mace.

But I kept reading.

As I was near the end of the book, I was bummed, because I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review and I didn’t think I would be leaving a good review. I wasn’t really into the story.

And then the book ended on a cliffhanger, and I practically screamed my frustration. What! What happens next?

I read this book in two days. Sneaking a little bit here and there until I reached the end. It was compared to Fallen Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel, by Abbi Glines (a series I LOVE), and I see the similarities, but the Step Brother series stands on its own. Like Fallen Too Far, we have a “step-siblings in love” story, but, for me, that’s where it ends. Mace isn’t as over the top Alpha as Rush; and although Alyssa is innocent, she isn’t super green and forgiving like Blaire.

Mace is a self-made millionaire who makes his living running an escort agency with his female partner. Alyssa is a former rich Daddy’s girl and current medical student who is drowning in debts now that the family money is gone.

Claire Donovan does a great job hinting at backstories throughout the book, planting seeds about more to come without distracting from the story. And the story that “I wasn’t that into” snuck up on me, because it reads like a journal, slowly building and leaving me with a “what happens next?” question whenever I close my Kindle.

I thought I would be bothered by the stepbrother/sister angle – taboo, without being taboo – but it serves to explain their connection and slow their growing attraction.

Eagerly looking forward to Book 2 and seeing what happens when Alyssa walks through that door (not a spoiler).

By Mary Forster on November 13, 2015

Format: Paperback

ARC given in exchange for an honest review

**New author alert** This is the first book I’ve read by the author and I wasn’t disappointed. The author has a way with the writing that draws you into the story and keep you hooked until the very end. This is the first book in the series and there is a cliffhanger at the end – if you want an HEA you won’t get it with this book. This is a quick read but so worth it and it just makes you want more.

Alyssa is a premed student and after learning all about her father, she is now trying to survive the life she has. She is at rock bottom and needing money to pay off her student loans. She hasn’t talked or seen her stepbrother in two years but when she has nobody else she calls him to come rescue her. She has to hide the feelings that she has for him but makes sure that she spends more time with him as he is the only family he has left.

Mace is your bad boy alpha, MMA fighter and PIMP. He is also trying to overcome his mother’s death and lays the blame on his stepfather after finding out everything about him. He doesn’t do relationships and has no time to be attached. When he gets a message from his stepsister, he goes to her rescue and hopes that she will finally gather what her father was/is.

Alyssa & Mace will take you on the beginning of the journey. You will get to feel the connection that the two share but do nothing about it. The way all the characters are in the story is amazing as not all characters are like this. You’ll want more of the story after reading this one just so you can see how everything will play out.

Great job to the author. I highly recommend. Looking forward to reading more in this series.

Pimp by Claire Donovan



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