The Photograph by Grant Leishman

The Photograph

The Photograph

The Photograph by Grant Leishman

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An undeveloped roll of film from the 1970’s, is what will set Tony Logan off on an adventure that will truly change his life forever.

What is on this ancient film, from their past, that will so pique the interest of Tony and his two siblings?

It will be just one photograph that will send Tony and his sisters on a desperate search for the truth. What really happened to their parents in 1974?

The photograph will take you from the 1300’s until the present day, as Tony  discovers their family has been cursed. Was their mother truly dead? Their search for answers will envelop them in magic, witchcraft, the underworld, and supernatural happenings.

A page-turner that will keep you rooted to the book till the bitter, shocking, conclusion.



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Format: Kindle Edition

What starts out as a gentle story regarding the breakup of a marriage turns into something much more sinister. Without giving spoilers the story involves the developing of an old film and the mysterious presence found on the photograph. This opens up a can of worms which involves the occult and all things bad. A brilliant story with twists and turns aplenty leading to a blood curdling ending. I have read other books by this author and this is on a par if not better. A change of pace for Leishman and a brilliant read.


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