Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction genre,You may believe there is more to this life than first meets the eye but who knows what the truth really is. Perhaps that is why this is such a popular subject. Of course, these mythological scenes and ideas sound impossible today but look back into history and see how far man has come. Technology is exploding all over the place. Take the computer - main frames filling an entire room only 30 or so years ago are now shrunk to the size of a handheld ipad, connected by nothing but airwaves to all the knowledge of the world, available with the stroke of a finger across a screen. See what is being achieved in astronomy. Since America and Russia put astronauts on the moon in the 1960's the technology has expanded to a place where man is expected to be living on Mars in just a few short decades from now. Unbelievable a few years ago, right? Well not so now. Knowledge of science and technology is growing at an exponential rate, so fast that what you buy today is outdated by tomorrow. Anything is possible and the writers of this genre know that where their imagination takes them today, man will one day be realizing in actuality. It's an exciting world out there and what seems thrilling but impossible today, is in fact tomorrow's reality. "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."Napoleon Hill This genre has proven over and over again to be the stepping stone to greater, more frightening, exciting and breathtaking possibilities and realities. The student, who over 50 years ago, age fourteen, wrote about moving footpaths, dinner pills, learning headphones, beaming themselves around the world by light beams, today is seeing all her imaginings come true. Just click on the cover of your choice to learn more about Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction and the authors who, by their words and imagination, transport us briefly to another exciting realm. We hope you enjoy and return for more. Books are being added every week.

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