Once Upon Another Time by Rosary McQuestion

312 pages



Love, humor, romance and the paranormal!

Aubrey McCory is a successful lawyer, best in her field; she has the most perfect six-year-old son and lives in a charming 1930s English Tudor on Fogland Beach. From the outside, her life looks perfect. But it’s been almost seven years and she’s still trying to deal with losing her husband who died in a tragic accident, without ever meeting his son.

She blames herself for the accident, of which some answers remain unresolved. It’s not long before unexplained things begin happening in her life, like being able to hear someone’s thoughts, strange occurrences happening at the house, but when unexplained messages appear, she feels the past colliding with the present.

Her life begins to spin out of control with haunted echoes of the past just as a new man walks into her life—but not just any man. She meets her kindred spirit, with whom she feels a deep connection. And something tells her that there’s more to this man than meets the eye.

This is a story about love beyond the grave. Throughout the story I laughed and at other times got teary-eyed, but the story was an uplifting experience that sends the message of “Sometimes dreams really do come true.”


Once Upon Another Time

Once Upon Another Time

 Once Upon Another Time by Rosary McQuestion

Is a story about a young widow who feels lost until her dead husband starts paying her visits. But when she meets Gavin Donnelly – whom she feels might be the next Mr. Right – her life really becomes topsy-turvy. What Amazon Reviewers are saying: “Gloriously romantic…one of those books every woman should read…” “This is a book that is fun, likeable, intriguing and ultimately quite thought-provoking.” “I don’t often use the word “captivating” in describing a book, but today, I will.” “Totally absorbing feel-good book. Once you start you have to keep reading this enthralling book…” “Left me wanting more! This novel is undoubtedly an enjoyable gentle romantic comedy with its quirky portrait of delightfully imperfect Aubrey.”

Beezeebooks owner read this story here’s his review:

 When I started reading this book I had no idea what to expect. As I got deeper into the story I felt that the author must have had similar experiences at stages in her own life. I shall leave it to other reviewers to tell you about the storyline. For me personally I felt that the author is not only very talented and a quite gifted writer, who was able to hold my attention throughout the book. I also loved the way she developed her characters with all their highs and lows, bringing impossible thoughts together and making them believable while keeping me guessing as to what was coming next. The characters were so varied in their makeup, their lives – sometimes outrageously so – yet it was all brought together to create a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book

Rosary McQuestion was born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in Wisconsin, and currently lives in Michigan with her husband and their three cats. Following a long career in advertising and marketing, which included owning her own agency as well as having served as director of marketing and creative services for a well-known party goods manufacturer, she now indulges in her love of writing. Rose likes spending time with friends and family, listening to classical music, and reading a good book. Click the image to transport you to Once Upon a Time by Rosary McQuestion on amazon.

Once Upon Another Time
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