On Herring Cove Road by Michael Kroft

On Herring Cove Road- Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy

On Herring Cove Road

On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy

Mr. Rosen is broken, and the only thing keeping him together is his progressively sickening  wife. To make matters worse, his wife had insisted and then moved them to a smaller house in lower-middle class neighbourhood directly next door to racist whose nine-year old son addresses him as Mr.Jew. The future looks pretty bleak for Mr. Rosen, but all is not as it may seem.

Michael Kroft is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and now resides in Montreal, Quebec.

An eclectic reading addict of fiction and nonfiction with a passion for writing short stories spanning various genres, On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew And The Goy Boy is his debut novel, and his second, Still On Herring Cove Road: Hickory, Dickory, Death, was released early November, 2014. His third novel with the working title of Not On Herring Cove Road: The Problem Being Blue expected out by June of 2015.



Format:Kindle Edition

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This is a modern – realistic version of “Dennis the Menace” or “Leave It To Beaver”.

I read the 2nd book in this short series – which I gave 5 stars to as well. I walked around the kitchen thinking about the characters and hints of events that happened in the first book … so I had to read it. Now that is a sign of an excellent writer or storyteller.

In the first novel I was able to meet “Ruth” who reminded me so much of my mother that I cried when … (sorry spoiler alert … can’t tell you – you will have to read the book).

This is a beautiful story of tolerance or the lack thereof; love and friendship.

Also, I loved that I knew some of the streets in the novel. I have been to Halifax a number of times over the years.

Thanks Mike .. when is your next one coming out.

5.0 out of 5 stars A genuinely delightful story – beautifully written. February 7, 2015

By Rebecca
Format:Kindle Edition
A genuinely delightful story – beautifully written.
The story of an emotionally-scarred, childless elderly man and his wife, who move next-door to a vulnerable family with a young son. The writing style perfectly complements the main character, and what shines through on every page is the restrained but deep love the elderly couple feel for one another. As the old man and the young boy draw one another out of their self-imposed shells, a very moving bond develops. In this impeccably-told story everything has a reason, and we’re aware of it throughout, but we don’t discover the real selfless depth of it until the very last lines, which made me laugh and cry. Moving, touching, refreshing, heart-warming, and one of the best books I’ve read for a while. A recommended read. If it had been written by Dickens, it would be a classic by now.


5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully written, incredible characters, a must read February 5, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would. Michael Kroft is a fellow Haligonian. This book is set in Halifax and brought back memories of my childhood. Avriel and Ruth remind me of my grandparents and reading about them often made me smile and sometimes made me cry. His careful construction of the characters and the setting brought the story to life.
Mr. Kroft brings us a story that shows us how powerful love can be. It can make us want to live again. It can bring us through even the most horrible circumstances. It can come from your soul-mate, a little boy,a woman in trouble and even a cat. This story touched me and I wish I had the words to tell you how much. I recommend this book to everyone. I hope you buy it. I know you won’t regret it.


5.0 out of 5 stars A sweet, beautiful book. January 11, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

A touching and thought provoking book. As you might expect from the title, some of the characters are less than politically correct. This is a story about time can change us into something we don’t want to be if we let it – and what we do about it when we decide to take charge. Mr Rosen went from being an outgoing, friendly man, to an introvert. He’s Mr Jew to the racist neighbor’s young son.There s racism and anti Semitism, but there is also tender moments like a young boy and girl’s first kiss, and love – and an awakening, too. Lots of places to shed a tear and a lot of places to smile. A sweet, beautiful book.

– Dan Alatorre, author of the #1 bestseller “Savvy Stories: funny things I learned from my daughter”

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