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Oksana Kravtsova

Oksana Kravtsova

Oksana Kravtsova.

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Every book is a journey, and yours starts here…

Hello, my name is Oksana Kravtsova. I am an experienced book designer, with more than 10 years of experience in graphic design. I specialize in interior book design and complex layouts, including graphs, illustrations, complex tables and textbooks. I’ve designed dozens of books, guide manuals, brochures, booklets, pamphlets & leaflets, in several languages such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Hebrew and Arabic. So, let’s start with the 1st chapter…


Years of experience
in the field of graphic design


Years of experience
in the field of book design

Why do I need book interior design?

Writing a book is exciting. You come up with a story, you build characters and you let your imagination run wild. But designing a book can be a very Sisyphus work, especially designing the interior layout. It requires a lot of skill to organize the pages, setting up the columns, arranging tables and building graphs if required. The readability of the book depends on it and sometimes it makes all the difference between just a book and a bestseller.

How does it work?

The 1st stepis to understand which genre is the book? Is it a novel? A guide book? Informative brochure or perhaps a catalog?

The 2st stepis the creative process in which we decide, together, on the design concept. If a cover design is required, I begin researching what the competing books look like,come up with a graphic concept, and start sketching the cover.

The 3st step– Meanwhile you send me your draft and I start to organize all the text & information,
choose the right imagery and fonts, do some sketching and scribbling, photo handling,
color correction and get your book in to shape.

The 4st step– Once the front cover is approved, the back cover and spine will follow within a couple of days.

The 5th step– Once you approve the interior layout design, your book is ready to print.
I’ll provide ready-to-print files directly to your printer,according to all the specifications.See more at

My services

Book exterior
Complete book cover design. Front, back & spine.

Book interior
Page layout design
Complete book cover design: front, back & spine.

Typesetting & composition
Simple layout
Includes footnotes/endnotes, and up to 5 black & white images.

Complex layout
Color images, sidebars, tables,
extensive back matter, multilevel ToC.




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