No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger


No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger

No Perfect Secret

No Perfect Secret…

Anna Nesmith believes her imploded life will right itself if only she buys a dog. Adding to her woe is an acerbic investigator, a cross-dressing dominatrix, a purple-haired hacker and Anna’s backstabbing mother-in-law. Falling in and out of love has never been more difficult.
What readers are saying about No Perfect Secret…
“Humor and an above average vocabulary make reading a pleasure.” ~ avp.
“It’s the first book I’ve ever read from this author and I can say it won’t be the last.The characters were fun and fleshed out, you really got engaged with what they were going through.The book was smart, witty and funny.” ~ avp.
“I loved all the crazy wonderful characters in this story. You will too. I am adding Jackie to my favorite authors list.” ~ avp.
“Such intrigue and romance. Loved the characters. A hard book to put down. Highly recommend to anyone who likes romance” ~ avp.

About the Author

Jackie Weger


An award-winning author, Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. When she’s writing, she’s anchored in a tiny room with a desk, a chair and a cat. When not writing, blogging or chatting with fans, she’s traipsing around the Internet searching for recipes, but much prefers to travel the good earth by foot, bus, canoe, sloop, mule, train, plane or pickup–and let somebody else do the cooking.
What Readers are saying about Jackie’s Books…”This has got to be one of the most enjoyable books I have come across in a long time-heart warming and some crazy characters–funny,lovable, hopeful and believable!” ~ avp”Best read in a long time. Thrilled with the whole book. Good clean book. Wish I could find more on the caliber.” ~ avp

“This was an awesome read the characters are fantastic and you can’t help but love them. Jackie Weger has written a love story that has you wanting more about these characters and the dialogue is just awesome. Loved It!” ~ avp

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a delightful book. I have not read an engaging romance in quite a long time, and this reminded me why I had always enjoyed the genre. The pages overflow with well developed characters. I particularly liked the heroine, Anna, and the travel master, Mr. Charles. Even the secondary characters came alive. I can highly recommend this book.

*spoiler alert*
Anna is a successful, bright research librarian at the Library of Congress. Her nasty mother-in-law lives with her, and her narcissistic husband is a document carrier for the U.S. government. (Frankly, I would like to smack Anna’s mother-in-law upside the head. She is a mean, manipulative woman.) Anna functions as a caregiver for this awful women.
The plot begins to develop as we realize something has happened to Kevin, the husband. His death sets in motion a string of events, and we soon find out he is a liar and a bigamist. There is a silver lining in the storm clouds, however, and an investigator named Frank Caburn shows up at Anna’s door on an icy Washington D.C. day. Frank is the polar opposite of her cheating husband, and he is charged with gathering information about her husband and taking care of her. As Anna peels back the onion of her husband’s deceit she lets go of the repressive mentality that has controlled her.
I hope the author will honor my request for a future story that includes some of these characters. My only disappointment was that Clara-Alice, the mother-in-law, didn’t have more of a comeuppance. She disgusted me.

By gpangel on October 20, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger is a 2014 independent publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is a deeply absorbing portrayal of a woman, Anna Nesmith who discovers her husband, Kevin, has betrayed her in multiple ways. This book will have you thinking twice about taking anything or anyone at face value. But, one deceitful person shouldn’t have everlasting control over your life and you should never give them that power. Anna’s journey is touching, and left me feeling warm all over and with a smile on my face.

When Anna learns her husband has been living a double life, his work in the state department makes things even more difficult. When Frank Caburn is assigned to look into this very delicate matter, he never expects to encounter Anna, a strong, beautiful woman trapped in a horrible marriage and about to discover it was all a big lie. Needing to tread carefully, Frank informs Anna a little at a time about her husband’s activities. But, this not the only issue. Anna literally has the “mother-in-law from hell”, and then some. Good Lord! Even after all that has been heaped on Anna, she begins to slowly comes back to life finding herself feeling free and ready to shed all the terrible years she spent married to a creep and chained to her mother-in-law’s will.
Anna could very well have folded , could have decided all men were like Kevin, could have allowed her anger to turn to bitterness. However, instead she finds Frank is the kind of man she was looking for all along. Frank was absolutely dreamy, just my kind of guy! A confident, attractive man with a good open heart who is willing to go all in to keep Anna safe, happy, and give her the chance of having the family she has always wanted.Read more ›

By Jeannie Zelos on August 6, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition

No Perfect Secret. Jackie Weger.

ARC supplied by Author.

Well, I’ve loved the first to books I’ve read of Jackie’ so maybe I had too high expectations….I liked this book, enjoyed it but didn’t quite have the love for it that I did the others. I’m not sure why as the cast of characters were great. Anna, there are thousands of wives like her, looking after elderly family members, working outside the home, keeping the household jobs done and providing backup for husbands while putting their own hopes and dreams on hold….I really felt for her. She gets a visit one day from Frank. Internal investigator fpr a state department. I’m sure they don’t work the way they do in the book but hey – this is fiction and it makes the story far more interesting that if he simply phoned and sent numerous duplicated letters etc! He seems to work in a small dept, almost off grid, with lots of flexibility. That allowed him and his colleague Helen to spend lots of time with Anna sorting out the mess her husband had left. And he’d certainly been doing some dreadful deeds that left her well ordered life in tatters. Frank – the attraction between him and Anna is there from the start but they both dance around it, and its not til really far in the novel that they do get together. Jackie has some great expressions for male appendages… I loved “tally whacker” in the first one, dingus in the next then this time its Mr Johnson 🙂 Helen, lady in control of the office, fabulous woman, knows what she wants from life and loves helping others, her tenants JoJo and Clarence – what a great pair, added so much colour to the novel.Read more ›




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