Niki Knows the Dirt by Denise Hays

Niki Knows the Dirt by Denise Hays

Niki Knows the Dirt by Denise Hays

Niki Knows the Dirt

Niki Edgar suffers from hyperosmia, a medical condition that causes her to possess an enhanced ability to smell – a super power of sorts. She helps police solve crimes by smelling things about victims and crime scenes.  But her super power is not all good. At least that’s how she feels when she smells another’s woman’s perfume on the seatbelt of her (ex)husband’s Escalade.

As if trying to mend her broken heart isn’t enough, she is faced with a difficult ethical question. Does she use her unique ability to help her ex’s new honey get cleared of a murder charge?

Funny, sweet, and a little naughty, Niki can’t seem to stay out of trouble as she struggles to find her way in a suddenly single world. Still loving her scandalous ex is only one of her problems. Not unwelcome advances from the town’s hunky sheriff hinder her decision making ability and make it harder to figure out how to juggle her many hats – (ex)wife, mother, sister, sleuth, landscaper extraordinaire, sex goddess – not necessarily in that order. At least she sure hopes not!

About the author

Peggy teel lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and writes as both peggy teel (God and Grandma, Pottery Lessons, and Know Alabama) and denise hays (Niki Knows the Dirt, Monkey Business, and Walking for Weight Loss), all published by Annie Acorn Publishing. AAPub has also published several short stories, including “Merry Christmas Minus One,” “Perhaps,” and “Just Ask Karma” by denise hays, and “A Merry Mary Christmas,” Christmas in Tartan Glen,” “The Best Worst Christmas Ever,” “Twelve Bells for Christmas,” and “Just An Old Wives’ Tale” by peggy teel.

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By b83 on July 22, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Denise Hays scored with this creative, hilarious, intriguing book. I found myself reading for hours before I realized it! The characters are well developed and very entertaining.
After you finish this book, look up and the fun continues! I am a Hays fan!

By Kamali on July 31, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Hilarious, fast-paced fun! I fell in love with the Godiva-eating, margarita-drinking Niki Edgar from page one. Who else could be suckered into using her super-human sniffer to prove her husband’s mistress is innocent of murder? All while fending off the advances of the sheriff AND her ex-husband (though with limited success.) I was laughing out loud right up to the end, which I never saw coming. I can only hope Ms. Hays is chained to her computer, hard at work on a follow-up. I need another Niki fix ASAP.

By Nancy of Utah on November 1, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition

Loved this exciting mystery. Niki Edgar is the bloodhound that has adventurous mind. She’ll make you laugh. A fun read that resembles a Janet Evanovich novel. You’ll want to read more stories about Niki.
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