The New Girl by Tamara Hart Heiner

The New Girl (The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones)

Cassandra Jones

The New Girl

(The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones)

A coming-of-age chapter book, this introductory story to the series is full of charming and hilarious experiences as Cassandra Jones maneuvers her way through the pitfalls lying in wait for preteens.

About the Author

Tamara Hart HeinerTamara Hart Heiner is the author of several young adult novels, including the Perilous series, and the Cassandra Jones books for younger children. When not writing, she plays circus ring leader to four children, a rabbit, and a cat.
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Cassandra and the new Girl, Riley.
An interesting short read for children, and it actually catches their world; friendship, pets, jealousy-fights and pranks. When Cassandra Jones or Cassie from Texas finished from the elementary school, because the father was transfered to a new city, her mother enrolled her, (and her brother, Scot and sister, Emily) in a new school. She met a strange blonde girl, grade mate and later her best friend, Riley Isabella who also like pets and driving her little car like she love to too. She and cassie fought a lot though cassie liked making friends and doting on her dog, Adrianne. She decided to start a new club, and she realized it was going to be harder than she thought. She tried to hold it together as she and her friends manipulated their patient and supporting parents. The group including Margaret, and Danielle played with pets and made dolls.
The world of Cassie in the Seven Chapters; her club, school friends, siblings and her fights for a best friend with Riley Isabella (over her pets, a cat (blue,) and the dogs itchy and pioneer) was worth reading. Funny, entertaining, well plotted (to me)and a very good read ( and others in the series) to occupy the children.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is an absolutely delightful book for mid to late elementary school age readers, and a great start to this series. Cassie’s start to her new school seems very realistic, and so does her dealings with her fellow students and teachers. Dive into this and encourage your kids if they want clean and realistic school fiction to satisfy their reading needs.


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My girls age 12 and 10 read this book to each other. It was so fun hearing my 12yo read the book to her younger sister. They laughed, talked about some of the situations, and wanted to know why it ended so abruptly. I explained that it’s part of a series, so they’re excited to read the next book!

I received this copy free from the author’s newsletter. My opinions are always my own.


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Cassandra Jones is a fifth grader who has just been uprooted because her family has moved from Texas to Arkansas. Facing the first day in a new school with trepidation, her fears are allayed when Danelle invites her to eat lunch with her and join her on the playground. Maybe things won’t be so bad.

Cassie is disappointed when her mom is late picking her up, but then rejoices when she finds out that their new house is ready. Soon after she finds a problem when a classmate who wants to be her friend doesn’t get along with Danelle. Then things don’t go smoothly at Girl’s Club, and she is tempted to quit because she is treated unfairly. To make matters worse, her mother says no when Cassie falls in love with a dog that her friend’s family is offering for adoption.

This book discusses many of the trials and tribulations preteens face with their peers and the adults with whom they interact. Marketed for children from second grade through middle grades, girls who are dealing with coming of age and family or school adjustment issues will find it has genuine appeal. Lots of dialogue and a few simple black and white illustrations. I think that teachers in grades three to five may find it a good candidate for a group discussion.


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I was given a copy of this book for an unbiassed review.

You must understand I am a dissolute old man and I read this book about a young Cassandra changing schools and making new friends in the hostile environment of adult domination and sneaky so called friends from a strictly male viewpoint. I thoroughly enjoyed all the heart ache she went through and I recalled vividly how stupid girls were at school. It is part of a series and I urge Tamara to avoid happy endings, Cassandra deservers all that life throws at her. Girls! Bah!
Should I be getting so involved in this story? Just goes to show it was well written.


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I found episodes 1 and 2 of “The New Girl: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones” funny, understandable and, at times, I felt like some of the decisions that Cassy made I would have made myself. I do sometimes find myself doing some of the things that Cassy did. The only thing that I didn’t like about the book was that I thought that you didn’t have to put so many long words in the title. I would definitely recommend this book to other readers. This review was dictated by the 9-year-old reader of this book.


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Even though I am an adult, I enjoyed reading this book about Cassandra’s first year in a new school. I reminded me of my own elementary years, and I could relate to Cassie as she went through the struggle of making new friends, dealing with grown ups, some of them reasonable and fair, some of them- well, not so much, and all the ups and downs of elementary school. I think this is a good book for young kids, and they will find that they have a lot in common with Cassandra!


By Jody J on March 11, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This was a cute story it was very short but it was cute. If you’re looking for a funny short story and that is cute this the book for you. That is why this review is so short because there isn’t really anything to say about it except for it was short and cute
The New Girl by Tamara Hart Heiner



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