Mystery at Pacific Cove: Haunted Visions by J. E. Grace

Mystery at Pacific Cove

Mystery at Pacific Cove

Mystery at Pacific Cove: Haunted Visions

A young couple, Jason and Naomi, start their married life together as manager’s of the 4,000 acre Pacific Cove Ranch In California. Naomi tries to adjust to a life of isolation miles from the nearest town. She is still trying to come to grips with the loss of her sister, and soon after moving to the ranch, begins to have haunted visions of a young woman (not her sister). Naomi finally solves a 100 year old mystery that turns their world upside down.

The story follows Naomi’s growth in coming to grips with her new home, dealing with loss, making new friendships, a new art career, and starting a family of her own. She learns how important her soul mate is and their ability to pull together in hard times.

About the Author

J.E. GraceJ.E. Grace had a passion for writing at an early age.  She loved fantasy and science fiction and followed it into adulthood.  She continues to study the writing craft and writes daily.  She is currently working on another sci-fi novel, a mystery/romance novel, and a fantasy novel with a Christian theme.
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Social Sites is also a traditional painter in oils/pastels, digital art, and photography.  Her work can be viewed on the following sites:
Mystery at Pacific Cove

Mystery at Pacific Cove




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