My Gabe by Sue Monkress

My Gabe by Sue Monkress

My Gabe

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When Calli is hurled from the path of a speeding motorcycle by a mysterious young man, her life will be forever changed.  Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the MAGICAL experiences which lay ahead of her …

About the Author

Sue A. MonkressSue Monkress is an Oklahoma native transplanted to the beautiful Gulf Coast. Travel, teaching and time spent with her adored grandchildren inspire her writing.  She is the author of three books available on,, and, as well as local bookstores:

– The Adventures of Will Walker (a Marco Polo-type adventure for kids);
– Long Horizon (a historical novel about a young woman who builds an oil company in the early 1900s Oklahoma oil boom);
– A ‘Mess’ of Short Stories, (a collection of southern-flavored family tales.)

– Her current work is My Gabe, a paranormal romance that changes the life of a young woman.  She hopes this work will speak to  girls about their self-esteem and living a Christian life.

Her article about the Tallgrass Preserve in Oklahoma was listed on Oak Open News:

Some of her short stories and articles are included in the Gulf Coast Writers Association magazine, The Magnolia Quarterly.

Short stories published in Whortleberry Press:  “A Spooky Halloween Far From Home” was featured in the October, 2009 Anthology: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.   “A Rogue Princess” was included in the Summer, 2010 Anthology:  Free Range Fairy Tales.

A memoir, “Bare Escape,” was listed on The Infinite Writer on the October, 2009 website: and in the 2015 anthology, “Memories of Maple Street” published by Prairie Rose Publications.

Her short story: “One Regret in Particular” was published in the January-February, 2010 issue of The Oxford So & So Magazine.

“Memories of The Road” was one of the winning writing contest entries in the 2010 issue of
Lost on Route 66, Tales of the Mother Road.

Her article about Phillips Petroleum Company’s “Shared Word Processing Systems” was published in TheOffice, a business publication.  Her business-related articles were featured in the Phillips 66 marketing newsletters and ConocoPhillips Company’s Global Financial Services newsletter.

Sue is a member of The Gulf Coast Writers Association and you can find her books on the website: http:/

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Format: Paperback

I haven’t read the whole book yet, just the first few pages, but it really draws you in and you want to read more. Great start – I will definitely be buying this book to read the rest of it!!

By Cheryl L. on September 25, 2015


Format: Kindle Edition

Inspiring. Love the characters. So true to life. It is a must read for teens.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Very good!



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