MURDER ON MURITAI by Genesis Cotterell

MURDER ON MURITAI by Genesis Cotterel



– The Ryxin Trilogy Book One

When your planet’s sun is dying, what can you do? Find a new home. That’s what the Ryxins did throughout the galaxy, and 150 of them secretly arrived on Earth in 1905. Once they’d changed into Human form they began to infiltrate Earth’s population.
By the year 2020, long after their presence was discovered, Curtis McCoy, half-blood Ryxin and newly trained private investigator, is on his first case. A murder mystery set in a world where a dwindling number of pure-blood aliens seek to gain power over Humans, the dominant species. It takes place on a small island called Muritai, somewhere off the coast of New Zealand.
A murder on the island of Muritai has been made to look like an accident and his client, a beautiful half-blood woman with blond hair and green eyes, wants him to find her partner’s killer.

About the Author

Genesis CotterellI live with my partner in Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Napier is located on the eastern coast of the North Island. I have lived here since May 2015.

It’s a popular place for tourists because of its unique 1930s Art Deco architecture. This was built after the earthquake in 1931 which destroyed just about all the city buildings. It also has a beautiful Marine Parade.
I’ve always had an urge to write and have written four books. Currently I’m revising three of them and will publish them with new titles and new covers. The first of the revised books is MURDER ON MURITAI – The Ryxin Trilogy – Book One. This is now available on Amazon Kindle.
Book Two of the Ryxin Trilogy – THE FORBIDDEN GENE will be available later this year, followed by Book Three – NOTICE OF DEATH.

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