Murder in Brambly Cott by P.Rose

Murder in Brambly Cott by P. Rose

Murder in Brambly Cott



Colourful divorcee, Felicity Fleetwood, has bought the old church manse in the sleepy, picturesque Cotswolds village of Brambly Cott and is planning to run her new enterprise from it.

Betty Umbridge, Post Mistress, corner shop proprietor and all-round busybody is having a not-so-good day. Last evening,her normally placid husbandactually raised his voice at her and the reason for the outburst was a newish village resident, Angela Witherspoon, about whom Betty’s not-so-subtle proddings and pryings have revealed not a thing and it isdriving her crazy. Arnold is also acting very secretively and this is adding to Betty’s frustration.

Doris Mackie from the church committee,and Betty’s biggest competition for Village Know-it-all, has a news snippet that Betty feels should have been hers, first and foremost, to dispense to all and sundry and Betty is not very happy at all.

A stranger is wandering around the village asking questions about Angela Witherspoon and the cottage she purports to own. In the pub, he meets the ex-local vicar, Nigel Finlay and askssome questionsthat Nigel is not happy to answer. The following day, the stranger turns up dead in Angela Witherspoon’s freshly dug drain.

A short time later, Doris Mackie is found dead in the bedroom of the pretty thatched cottage she is so proud of – putting the entire village even more on edge than it already is.

About the author

P.Rose, aka Amelie Rose,has been writing romance novels and short stories for several years but, as a lifelong lover of Agatha Christie’s whodunnit crime novels, and more recently the television series, MidSomer Murders, she finally in early 2015, committed to writing a cosy murder mystery of her own. Murder in Brambly Cott is that first toe-dip into the genre of murder mystery and crime and is to be publishedprior to Christmas on Amazon.comas a trade paperback and Create Space as an ebook.As happens with story characters, who take on lives of their own after first hitting the page, the inhabitants of Brambly Cott have been begging to once again be released from their writer’s imagination to create even more havoc. The follow up, tentatively titled Felicity Fleetwood and the Ghost of Button Down Farm,was inevitable and is due for release, upon an unsuspecting public,inMarch 2016.

Originally from the UK, P.Rose resides in a small north island gold mining town with her husband, Mike, creator of the popular Indie Author site, Having moved last Christmas from super-busy Auckland, they are enjoying life in a small town surrounded by hills, lakes, trees and all manner of marvellously artistic neighbours.

licity is busily moving in and setting up her newenterprise and appearsalso to be assisting DI Harry Jones, from the nearby town of Standingham, with his investigation into the murders.


When a third murder is attempted, and Betty’s Arnold leaves town, confusion reigns. And when the old and the new vicars meet, it seems there is even more strife in store.

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