Mrs Hippo’s Wash House by A.S. Henderson

Mrs Hippo's Wash House

Mrs Hippo’s Wash House

Mrs Hippo’s Wash House

A funny and captivating story about a bunch of jungle animals and their daily adventures.  Follow Mrs Hippo and  her assistant running the jungle wash house. A quirky little story about jungle animals having their coats washed at Mrs Hippo’s Wash House and all the mishaps that happen during that day.

About the author

A.S. Henderson began writing children’s stories when her daughter was 6 months old.  The stories evolved from telling bedtime stories that are slightly zany and whimsical that make boys and girls laugh out loud.


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No wonder the animals always look so clean! I always knew there was a reason … and this book has revealed the secret! The story is really cute and clever! The illustrations are fun. The kids are sure to get some laughs when the coats get mixed up! Very nice book. My granddaughter loves it.

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I read Mrs Hippo’s Wash House to my 6 year old son and my 3 year old niece at bedtime. They absolutely love it. There is usually lots of giggles and smiles when I read it. The illustrations and clever witty writing make it a great read for all ages. I also love it as it has clean adult humor thrown in as well. Its a really original story! I recommend this one to all parents and kids! 5 stars! It will hold their attention nicely!


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Mrs. Hippo’s Wash House is an interesting children’s book that depicts the everyday goings of animals who are getting their coats washed. Everything appears fine until two animals end up getting their coats accidentally mixed. Love the cute humor.


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This is a wonderful story I would highly recommend this book for people with young children, as mine have grown up I will keep it at the ready for when I become a nanna. A really lovely read.


I love the book. It will be ideal to read to my grandson who is nearly 3. Colourful friendly images and exciting story. Can’t wait to read it to him.



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