Monte Vista Village, The Survivor Diaries- Book I

Monte Vista Village

Monte Vista Village

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It’s the End! Or Is It?
Are you prepared for life without government, electricity, & stores in a nuclear winter? Read Book 1 *Free and find out!

About the Author

Lynn Lamb


Did you ever wonder how you would survive a global nuclear apocalypse? Lynn Lamb imagined it into existence on the written page!

Lynn Lamb is the author of the post-apocalyptic Survivor Diaries Series of novels and The Oxymoron of Still Life, a Short Story Anthology with a twist on life, dying, and death. Lamb was inspired by the characters in her hometown of Monterey, California. Lamb is also an independent filmmaker and scriptwriter. Her dream is to produce the Great American Documentary.

The Survivor Diaries Series explosive novels have made a big bang in the post-apocalyptic genre scene. Be on the lookout for more Lynn Lamb titles, coming soon!

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Format: Kindle Edition

I loved this book! I’ve never read or followed the apocalyptic theme, but I live in the area that is the setting for the book, and I just couldn’t put it down. I had to find out what was going to happen next. The amount of research Ms. Lamb must have done is sort of staggering–to be able to imagine everything that could go wrong, or right, after a catastrophic attack–those days afterward, when everyone is stunned and there’s no reality anymore–and all normal activities will never be normal again, changed forever in 24 hours. I love this book!.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

OK, I love zombie books and this is one of the best I have read. Love the vivid descriptions, the fast pace, the unexpected turn of events and the characters.
Now, my gripe.
Why; these days, do authors split up a good novel into Book 1, Book 2, etc.?
I get to the end of this Book 1 and it leaves me hanging. I check into Book 2… $6.99? Are you kidding me? $6.99 is what I expect to pay for a complete ebook novel. This is entirely too much for another few chapters that will leave me hanging for Book 3..

By Kindle Customer on July 15, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed this book & can’t wait for the next installment! The characters were nicely fleshed out without giving too much detail. The plot….I LOVE post-apocalyptic themes, usually with zombies, this was more of a chiller because it’s possible. Scarily possible. I liked the diary style writing & the fact not every mundane fact of each day was documented, it was very realistic.
I must also mention the editing was very very good which is a treat when reading any e-book, especially a first endeavor 🙂
If you like stories that demonstrate the strengths of mankind, post-apocalyptic themes or stories with strong female lead characters you’ll not regret reading this book..

By Diane Strickland on September 30, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed reading as the characters grew and developed. I’ve become quite a fan of Laura and really can’t wait to see how Book II unfolds! The interplay with Jackson adds just enough spice to make it interesting and I can’t wait to see how that relationship develops!.

By Alas Amazon on August 3, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book was recommended for me by Amazon, and for once they got it right. Character driven books are always what hook me. In this case, I was more than impressed by the depth of the characters and how, as a first time reader of this author, I felt as though I got to know her characters and the world she created. While I enjoy strong female characters, this aspect became secondary to the story. It did not matter whether the main character was male or female. What mattered was the humanity and the struggle.

I did not give this book five stars as it could benefit from a bit of polishing, but I look forward to the growth I’m certain will be found in the second of this series. This author has such potential and this reader is looking for more great stories from her..

By patiscynical on August 30, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a much more civil end of the world, apocalypse novel than I expected.
It is written in diary form by Laura from Monterey California. America has been nuked by countries that really don’t like Americans. They also dropped a lot of plagues and such at the same time. Laura becomes the leader of her neighborhood, because she is somewhat prepared, and she talks a good game. She also believes in the essential goodness of humanity. And that’s great and all, but I think things would break down a lot faster, and that not all humans are actually humane.
The first half of the book is mostly about surviving the first few weeks after the bombs are dropped. Everyone has to stay inside their homes because of radiation and plagues. The neighborhood keeps in touch using walkie-talkies, and a few ham radios. Laura suggests that they make up clubs to stay busy and occupy their minds. This is mostly how she becomes the leader.
After they can leave their homes she organizes everyone in The Village to pool resources, clean up, get supplies etc.
I believe that this is the authors first book, and it’s not bad. A few spelling and grammar issues, not too distracting.



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